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HAIL TO THE GEEK- A pop culture quiz

By Venditto, published on Apr 18, 2007

Take robust, primal passion; a giant, whale sized heart; blind devotion; raw untamed lust; sheer genius --- okay, okay, maybe not genius, but definitely a twisted ironic intellect. Combine that with a complete lack of anything resembling athletic ability or fashion sense; mix in the common short term goals of social acceptance and virginity loss. Then, dear reader, you'll start to form a mental picture of one of the great movie archetypes of the modern age: The Geek. The modern Geek broke out in the early 80's in a hailstorm of turgid, raging hormones and outright physical awkwardness.... (more)

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Network News- Monstrous Whores or merely Hookers with Hearts

By Venditto, published on Apr 17, 2007

Yesterday afternoon the big three networks had their newsrooms buzzing with two major stories. The first was the local flooding of neighborhoods in Queens, upstate NY and NJ. The second was the horror of a crazed gunman killing dozens of students at Virginia Tech University. In the two hours of primetime news I watched, about an hour and a half was dedicated to these two truly tragic events. Now, I understand it is the job of network “news” to report the goings on in our nation, but there is a very broad, very distinctive line between reporting breaking news and stretching out an event... (more)

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By Venditto, published on Apr 17, 2007

If you're reading this it may already be too late, for that I am sorry. For April 17th from noon till 8pm is FREE ICE CREAM CONE DAY at Ben & Jerry's. In the interest of jounalistic integrity I visited the six Manhattan locations (Brooklyn scares me) and scouted them all while filling my belly with delicious goodness for you, devoted reader. 3rd Avenue btw 10th & 9th streets Very little line due to the fact that stoners in the east village generally don't succomb to the munchies till later in the day. They are also taking donations for the Breast Cancer Action Coalition. I ate the Chocolate... (more)

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Eat the Rich

By Venditto, published on Apr 16, 2007

The Forbes Museum is a wet dream for 8 year old boys and future billionaires with aspirations of world domination. It’s also a testament to the vanity and self- centeredness that lies at the disgusting rotted core of capitalism run amok. TOY BOATS! According to a sign all of the boats on display are toy boats, not models. The sign tells us models are, “precision made” duplicates while toys are actually working objects that are meant to be played with. So what does Mr. Forbes do with these wonderful relics from the Golden Age of toy boats? He locks them behind plexiglass where he can... (more)

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