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Portrait of a Thanksgiving Border Crossing

By V, published on Nov 25, 2007

This is the busiest, land-border crossing in the world with 55,000 plus vehicles making the journey each day. Today, I am in one of those 55,000 that all appear to be crossing into the USA at once. I have just eaten three of the five Churros that I bought from the lady hawking them car window, to car window and the line hasn’t budged an inch. I even alighted my car, opened the trunk and rummaged around in search of my laptop to kill time by writing this article. I have been here, staring at the rear end of the Volvo in front of me for one hour. In the dark, vendors stroll the car lanes between... (more)

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You say Dim Sum I say Yum Cha let's call the whole thing off

By V, published on Oct 16, 2007

It was long ago decided, that when I die, I will be going to a great big Yum Cha in the sky. The bed will be king size, the sheets 1500tc, white, Egyptian cotton and the carts on wheels will circle my bed, laden with an array of all my favorite foods. I will never get full and there will never be crumbs in the bed. “What ARE you talking about?” you ask. I am talking about the Chinese custom of sharing a late morning-tea meal (usually between 11 & 1), sipping tea (yum cha) while dining on small, snack-like morsels (dim sum). This Chinese ritual is often enjoyed weekly by a large group of family... (more)

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Haut-Chocolat for Maman

By V, published on May 10, 2007

I put the chocolate bar down on the counter of this fancy, French, gourmet deli. The jovial (he isn't French) cashier points at the long, completely foreign (to anyone but an Australian) word on the wrapper and says, "If you can say that four times in a row really quickly, I'll give you two dollars off." "Woolloomooloo, Woolloomooloo,Woolloomooloo, Woolloomooloo," I say with lightening speed and without batting a lash. He stares at me dumbfounded and coolly I say, "It's the name of an inner-city, Sydney suburb in Australia. It's right down by the Opera House on the harbor. I actually used... (more)

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Angelenos in the Sun

By V, published on May 8, 2007

Clink, slap, clink, slap, clink, clink, clink, slap, slap, slap, slap, clink. It's like a far-off kinder garden class indulging in a free percussion period. But this cacophony of rope slapping hollow metal and the dull squeak of the slacking and tensing of tethers between wooden boat and wooden slip, is as welcome as the radiant sun. I am sailing on a boat with no name and this fact bothers me more than it should. As we motor out of the marina, the open sea looks ominous despite a confident sun. Suddenly we have company. Three sea kayaks sidle up along side us before dropping back to trail closely... (more)

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Life's not Always a Beach in Venice

By V, published on May 3, 2007

I gaze beyond the blazing bonfire at the blackest night-skies all around me. The air is heavy, hot and wet. I'm holding my breath, terrified. A woman lurches forward toward me, hands outstretched, teeth gnashing, eyes bulging, her skin a rich chocolate, glistening under beads of sweat. In a white, grubby, linen dress, her thick, woolly hair is secured by a scarf of the same fabric. Her body lurches with spasms and she begins to chant. I can't understand anything she's saying, it doesn't seem to make sense. Just as I am about to burst from a lack of oxygen, I wake ... Sitting bolt upright... (more)

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The Day the Music Died

By V, published on Apr 28, 2007

Once upon a time, I thought about working in the music industry. Being a music lover, it seemed a sensible move to apply my existing skills in ‘talent’ management to musicians. But one night in early 1996, a girlfriend of mine (also a renown music promoter) and myself were downing a bottle of wine when my stereo serendipitously delivered, Jeff Buckley’s rendition of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah.’ All wined up I felt like the heavens had opened and the skies were pouring light and dark, peace and heartache all over my body all at once. I glanced over at my friend who looked relatively... (more)

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Baby Elephant Walk

By V, published on Mar 29, 2007

A friend of mine her Father, after too many hours straight in the tractor harvesting their Canola, swears that he sees a tiger. This of course would be possible if he was farming in Bangladesh, but this farm I speak of is located in outback Australia. A child could be excused for believing there to be a monster in the cupboard and a witch under the bed, but what happens when the fantastical comes to life? I have long romanticized the idea of the circus (I even used to do trapeze school) and I’m not alone in dreaming of its magic. So I was nearly moved to tears last night when I heard the tale... (more)

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Ode to the Road: South by SouthWest

By V, published on Mar 26, 2007

Every day, somewhere in the world, someone is saying goodbye to someone they love as they head out on the road to tour. Sometimes for weeks, sometimes for months, the adrenalin of doing what you love – performing before the masses – is quelled by the low of leaving behind the ones you love and the comforts of home. Some are born to tour and love the enabling lifestyle of rock n’ roll – especially when they’re young and especially when it’s all new and especially when they have addictions - but for some, the novelty wears off all too quickly and each hotel room, each town, each after... (more)

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Slip Into Summer

By V, published on Mar 9, 2007

High among the tree tops I am drifting off to sleep in my thatched-roof bungalow, seemingly afloat in the emerald darkness of the Gulf of Siam. Bare, on top of a white, cotton sheet, my skin generates too much heat - the by-product of over sunning during the course of a day’s snorkeling and diving. Laying there, eyes closed, I hear the rustle of a warm light breeze in the palm trees, a breeze that continues through the fly screen wall and seems to scrape over my suddenly over-sensitive skin. All my senses are heightened, my skin alert to a thousand sensations. There’s something so sultry about... (more)

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The Visa Hustle

By V, published on Feb 28, 2007

If you are an American who has had the misfortune to find yourself in the company of a group of expatriates and other foreigners embroiled in the task of migrating, you will no doubt have been exposed to long and tedious discussions about visas. No matter what topic our conversation commences with, you can be certain that, before too long, a smart segue into Visaworld ensues, and with good reason. My Fiancé and I have spent thousands obtaining our current visas and we are not alone. Once you have committed to trying to make a life here, you are simultaneously surrendering your fate to the hands... (more)

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