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The Forbidden Zone

By Uttam Gill, published on Dec 9, 2011

Oh! Poor husbands, why you have been denied the due appreciations by your ladies? Why you have been tossed and questioned? Why is that you remain the most despised creature of hot discussions among the ladies? Why you are the most sought after subject of hot debates? Why your goodness ladies cease to see? You are the subject where ladies wish to score a point? Each one itches to take a trophy back by defining whose husband is the messiest creature. Am I correct? Hold on please, yes let me plead to the ladies; before they unleash me with the volley of questions that how dare I try to marginalize... (more)

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An Encounter with My Soul

By Uttam Gill, published on Dec 8, 2011

From the fair weather, gathering storm is not possible. I accept the conditional dwarfing of my existence as the fate hammers the final bid; the grand finale finished in a sudden spurt of moment. The lights flicker and on the stage the performing artists instinctively moves and then it darkens further. Visuals loses its relevance, fury of sound demolishes the barriers and as the curtain came down the light immerses me and I realize that I was performing in theater with all seats empty…except one soul sitting. He asks ‘Sir, are you okay?” I nod and in dismay feel the deathly silence…

I... (more)

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They Know That I Know

By Uttam Gill, published on Dec 7, 2011

They come and take their bounty from my grief

They hit me, they scratch me and they toss me

They just don’t rest…every dig on me is a trophy to them

They question me but don’t accept the answers

They narrate and I listen, when I speak they pretend

They read my sorrows and show sympathy when I cry

They loath me when I go wrong

They go wrong and I say it was not their fault

They ask for and I gave it

They took away from me what I wanted

They shook hand with me when they thought so

They turned their face when others walked... (more)


Love in thar Desert

By Uttam Gill, published on Dec 5, 2011

Its long time and I wish to travel back to the days when I drove my Mo-Bike (BSA-GOLD STAR: 1952 VINTAGE) on to the road; cress crossing small hills in THAR DESERT with my girl. The days are gone I no more keep that mo-bike with me; must be lying somewhere in old garage.

That was wonderful machine (350 CC OF CHERRY RED COLOR). On that Mo-bike I took her out on my first date. There after this jolly good machine witnessed the scripting moments of my love. This machine faithfully carried me and my girl on many long drives in THAR DESERT and it never failed.

I now, wish to go back... (more)

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Letter to my older Sister Didi who is suffering from cancer.

By Uttam Gill, published on Dec 4, 2011

My dear Didi,

With faith and prayer on my lips I am writing you this letter. Other day when we talked I felt your fear and pain. I hanged my phone down but the echoes of your sobs made me understood that things have changed. Life is not going to be same and understood that we need to have faith in God. The only healing belief of hope would keep you strong to fight this disease. This disease is curable. Didi, I know the quality which our mother imbibed in you and that has always made you a winner. You toiled hard to establish your business. You single mindedly pursuit your goal and attained... (more)

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Why Not Today?

By Uttam Gill, published on Dec 3, 2011

You are man within a real man…you are not an accident…you are not destined to suffer…you have avenues…you have options…Life is full of alternatives…Sing a song for yourself…I am not into sermons …I am talking to myself and isn’t this is your voice too…what we are harping for and why we are insisting to prove …nothing my friend…nothing…just for one day look into your gains and losses…Gains are much more, then say loudly that to hell with the loss…I need to move forward…No matter what may come remember the basic instinct of yours…you don’t want pains…you want happiness…you wish to be jubilant... (more)

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Death of a Soldier

By Uttam Gill, published on Dec 2, 2011

Within the fence of Armed forces camp its different ball game. One just cannot imagine without barricades, barbed wires, guard post, guard room, Check post, siren, search light, observation towers and many more to define as impenetrable fort. For the onlooker from the other side of the fence barricaded garrisons, cantonments or any armed forces establishment gives a restricted imagination of confinement only. This is the general perception of general public.

Other day People in thousands were assembled there to receive the dead body of a brave soldier…who unmindful of consequences gave... (more)

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Seduction of the Gentleman

By Uttam Gill, published on Nov 30, 2011

"A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver." If the gentleman needs to be defined as gentleman he must be different from others. He must be nicely dressed for the occasion, humble, respectful and well groomed.

No matter what the provocation or temptation there is he keeps his image untarnished amidst all chaos around. He holds all the temptation at bay. While at a party he respectfully and gracefully conducts himself with those of the opposite sex. If lady smiles at him he should smile back and with a stiff neck look around those scanning eyes pretending ignorance.

... (more)

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That One Day

By Uttam Gill, published on Nov 30, 2011

That one day gave me smile...

That another day made me cry

That one day gave me friend.

That another day took away my friend

That one day gave me hope

That another day rob away my hope

That one day I celebrated the death

That another I mourn the death

That one day I was honoured

That another day I was insulted

That one day I talked

That another day I was quiet

That one day I found.

That another day I lost

That one day somebody walked in to me

That another day somebody walked away from me

... (more)



By Uttam Gill, published on Nov 28, 2011

“Come on Olivia come out of yourself… now look at me…Give forlorn look... relax your muscles…make it more real…feel like a prostitute….feel the pain…bring that pain on to your face…that’s good…”….Shot taken role enacted…Everybody present there lauded the great actor Olivia for flawless performance. Movie later turns into a great hit of all times.

The denial mode to improve upon the flawed perceptions is starkly revealed in our generic belief of many things of life. May it be colour, creed, caste, religion or as matter of fact even gender discrimination is not addressed with utmost... (more)

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