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Audie Murphy Petition Draws Major VIP Endorsements

By usmc_snco, published on Sep 22, 2013

Endorsements on the Audie Murphy Presidential Medal of Freedom Petition read like a VIP address book. Distinguished Americans such as Melvin Laird, Bob Dole, General Tommy Franks, Charlie Duke, Toby Keith, Dan Rather, Barbara Eden and countless others too numerous to mention.

In addition to those named above, three-fourths of the 79 living Medal of Honor recipients have offered forth their endorsements.

Finally, representing service over seven decades to America, nearly 100 generals and admirals have endorsed the petition. These flag officers represent every branch of service... (more)

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Audie Murphy awarded the Texas Medal of Honor

By usmc_snco, published on Sep 17, 2013

Audie Murphy was awarded the Texas Legislative Medal of Honor this past week by Governor Rick Perry. The country boy from Hunt County was America’s “most decorated” combat soldier of WWII.

In January of 1945, German infantry and armor in snowy terrain on the outskirts of a small French village couldn’t kill Audie Murphy and alone he daringly held back 250 enemy soldiers and six tanks for more than an hour, protecting his eighteen-man company from the hordes of the advancing enemy. During this remarkable feat, he directed an artillery barrage on his own position, while atop a burning... (more)


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