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Loving, Caring, & Scintillating gifts for hubby’s birthday

By Trishana, published on Oct 2, 2016

Birthday is generally the day when one is made to feel special and as your husband would be turning a year older soon you also must be having some gamut of ideas as birthday gifts for husband. The plans with flowers, cakes, chocolates, late night parties, etc. must be keeping you busy for an unforgettable experience yet again.

Loving birthday gifts for husband

After marriage, how many times have you said him those words, “I Love You”? If it is difficult to remember, gather your mind and sit down to write a love letter after a long time for him. Talk about every small things that... (more)

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Talk through those ecstatic petals on Valentine’s Day

By Trishana, published on Sep 26, 2016

Love is a feeling that can never be expressed totally in words. Talking of flower as a gift on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, rose would definitely top the chart because rose is the quintessential picture of eternal love. There is another interesting fact regarding rose as a gift on this day and that is the number of roses that you are sending that special person. Identify the meaning hidden behind number of roses in the following paragraph.

One rose and love @ first sight

When you are gifting one single piece of rose of any color to someone it suggests “love at first... (more)

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Mother’s Day Special: Flowers That Best Suit Your Mother

By Trishana, published on Sep 9, 2016

Mothers have a soulful personality, their nature, their love, their care and concern for us reflects not only in their eyes but also in their behavior and mannerisms. Whether your mother is of the traditional sort or whether she is the modern mom, the fact that they are gentle and kind, and motherly in all manners possible, cannot be oppressed. And we love them for that, don't we? Since time immemorial, people have adored and cherished their mothers and hence, to pay a tribute to them, an ode to all the sacrifices she has granted herself with, only for the well being of us, we celebrate Mother's... (more)

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The Five Best Diwali Corporate Gift Ideas

By Trishana, published on Sep 8, 2016

Since light is synonymous with happiness, it is believed that during Diwali, with the spread of light, the essence of joy and happiness is always imparted. It is imparted to those who are close to us, and this very congregation of people comprises of family, friends, and acquaintances. Our workplace perhaps bears the aura of being a second home for us and with the passing of time, we tend to become close with our co-workers and employees, thereby accepting them as one of our own, and including them in our celebratory processions. To ease you, online services are always present at your disposal,... (more)

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Impress Your Girl This Valentine’s Day: Three Golden Advices

By Trishana, published on Aug 30, 2016

To impress a girl is quite an endeavor. To impress your girl who walks by your side as if your pride, is something more than an attempt. It's a love induced notion to make her happy, for every guy wants his girl to blush and giggle, radiate of happiness and pout out heartful laughs every now and then, once in a while. That's love and the essence of it that lovers all over the world live and breathe - an effortless effort to understand their partner, making an attempt as if conjuring a reflex, making their better half happy, as if it was all natural, as if the mere presence of one was enough... (more)

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Strengthen Corporative Bonds This Diwali Season

By Trishana, published on Aug 12, 2016

The festival of lights, the festival that celebrates the triumph of good over evil, the festival that sparks the entire nation with blooming lights of assorted colors, the festival that can be witnessed and heard from miles away, such is the festival of Diwali. Diwali and its essence can also be brought in vogue to establish friendly relations or strengthening the relations that are already in existence. To consider Diwali as a festival that concerns only your family and friends would be a thought badly put for the festivity of this celebration extends its branches to corporative and business... (more)

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Benefits of Dark Chocolates that you didn’t know before

By Trishana, published on Jun 2, 2016

Now it is proved that dark chocolates contain a better level of antioxidants, therefore, it has gained prominence in world market. Buy dark chocolates online in India and present your loved ones with something healthier.

Here are a few benefits of dark chocolate consumption. Read it and aid yourself and your loved ones.

1.Just 10 grams of dark chocolate is like 30 calories of your daily diet which would help you to keep away from all kind of heart problems. It lowers the blood pressure and improves blood lipids. But remember not to overdo the recommended dosage or else you may... (more)

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