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The Benefits of Preplanning a Funeral

By Tom Starke, published on Mar 8, 2018

Funerals are known as a high stress and complicated time for most of us. It can be mentally, emotionally and physically exhausting trying to get everything prepared in such a short period of time. Each and every loved one of the deceased has their own ideas of what they want to include, and everyone wants to ensure that the wishes of the deceased are met. Many will have different ideas, and not all of those ideas can be followed. These disagreements may lead to fighting and more stress for those involved. However, if you have a set and detailed plan laid out prior to passing, you can keep... (more)


How to Get the Best Pre-Owned Medical Equipment

By Tom Starke, published on Feb 28, 2018

The idea of buying used or pre-owned medical equipment is becoming more and more popular in the medical industry. In fact, many medical businesses prefer to buy used instead of new medical equipment, and most will say that this trend is only expected to grow in the future. The financial benefits of buying pre-owned equipment is hard for most to resist. However, there are some things that you need to consider and be wary of prior to buying any pre-owned medical equipment.

When properly refurbished medical equipment can look and work almost as good as new equipment. Some can even... (more)


Top 5 Mistakes Made by Funeral Directors

By Tom Starke, published on Jan 10, 2018

Many funeral directors can tell you that their job is not an easy job. You will come across many different obstacles each and every day, and, of course, each day brings you a new test because where would the fun be if every problem was the same. With this ever changing climate, there are a few mistakes that will jump out to most funeral directors, and we will take a look at the top five most common mistakes made by funeral directors.

1.Value your time appropriately. You will find business representatives across your state will want to schedule meetings with you. They may be interested... (more)


New Market Research for Death Care and Funeral Services

By Tom Starke, published on Aug 11, 2017

The phrase “death care industry” applies to the assemblage of suppliers of burial and funeral products and services, for example cemeteries, crematoriums,funeral directors and even third-party merchants. Currently, there is a considerable transformation happening in the death care industry.

“Death Care & Funeral Service Market: Trends & Opportunities (2016-2020)” is a report providing a thorough evaluation of the death care industry and funeral service market. The data collected will center around analyzing the growth and size of the market, market share and the overall... (more)


Preventing Stretcher Tipping: A Few Tips and Tricks

By Tom Starke, published on Jun 13, 2017

The practice is definitely not something to be proud of. After all, stretcher tipping can definitely cause the patient more harm than good if s/he lands on her/his wrong side. Therefore, it’s definitely necessary for the paramedics to pay special attention to the patient at the time of transportation.

Now, in this article we will discuss a few ways to prevent stretcher tipping in the best possible way. But at first, we would like to discuss a few of the most common causes of stretcher tipping and then move over to our prevention tips and tricks. Anyway, let’s take a peek at the... (more)


How to Personalize Your Funeral Service

By Tom Starke, published on May 10, 2017

You have to listen to your customers in minute detail and only then you should take your next steps accordingly.

For providing personalized funeral services, it’s necessary for you to know a few personal information about the deceased in greater detail on basis of which you should plan your strategies effectively. These might include things like:

·What was his/her favorite song?

·What was his/her passion?

·Did s/he have any last wish?

There are many other questions similar to the ones highlighted above. You have to use a little bit of imagination to chalk... (more)


6 Tips To Prevent Football Injuries

By Tom Starke, published on Mar 23, 2017

With increased participation comes an increase in the chances of injuries. This is quite natural. After all, it’s a contact sport.

With contact sport, the risks of injuries are always high and off the charts.While most of these injuries are considered inevitable; but some, in fact are actually preventable. Here are a few tips that you can use to prevent football injuries.

1.Pre-season training and conditioning

Many soccer injuries happen usually at the start of a season when most players are out of shape and out of practice. This happens due to a petty case of doing... (more)


Should you brand your funeral business?

By Tom Starke, published on Feb 19, 2017

No! Branding’s mighty important for businesses of all shapes and sizes and is applicable to your funeral business as well.

So why should you brand your funeral business? Let’s go through a few reasons.

1. A brand makes you look big

Course you don’t want your business to look like a small time service; do you? Because if you make it look that way, your compensation’s going to reflect the same way you portray your business to your customers.

Branding helps to elevate your funeral business. It helps to make you look big, a standout among the crowd. It helps... (more)


5 Tips to Plan Your Diet before Starting Exercise Regime

By Tom Starke, published on Feb 2, 2017

Do you feel too lazy throughout the day? Are you worried that you’re losing weight too fast and want to gain weight?

Starting an exercise regime can be a great way to get rid of these problems. However, beginning an exercise regime without proper preparation isn’t a good idea.

You must perform a good amount of research and check out the things you should do before starting to exercise. And it is extremely important that you follow a proper diet plan.

So, you want to build muscles by exercising. What are the foods that you must consume while starting your first exercise... (more)

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5 Tips - Fit in Exercises Regime despite Your Busy Schedule

By Tom Starke, published on Nov 24, 2016

The world is growing increasingly competitive with every passing day. To remain in the fray in this world, you must work hard. And that can go on for hours and even from morning to late night. If this happens, it is sure to take a toll on your health. However, even for working hard, it is important that you remain in great shape in terms of health. And that’s possible only if you follow a proper exercise regime on a regular basis.

Is it possible to fit in an exercise regime within your schedule?

It might appear impossible to you. However, if you want to remain fit, you... (more)


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