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Got Terror? Think 911, not 9/11

By Tom Lewis, published on Oct 22, 2009

In the shock of 9/11, 2001, the United States saddled up and, as the old expression goes, rode off in all directions at once, invading Afghanistan, invading Iraq, making millions take off their shoes before getting on an airplane. The invasions, of course, turned into quagmires into which sank tons of our treasure and thousands of our sons' and daughters' lives. In other words, as an exercise in terrorism, the attacks of 9/11 succeeded. The militarists argue that their global war of response has succeeded, because there has not been a similar attack on American soil since 9/11. This... (more)

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The Swine Weed Pandemic

By Tom Lewis, published on Oct 19, 2009

It's ironic that while our attention is being directed to the swine flu epidemic, which doesn't seem to be hurting much of anything, a real threat to our life-support system is crawling out of the wasteland created by chemical-industrial agriculture: the super-pig-weed.

It looks just like the pig weed that corn-, cotton- and soybean-farmers have been fighting in the South forever. It's big, it kicks the crap put of any crop it's contesting with, and it's tough enough to stop a combine in its tracks. The only thing different about the superweed variety is that it can't be killed by any... (more)

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Dinosaurs And Pod People

By Tom Lewis, published on Sep 29, 2009

The big, traditional book-publishing companies are the dinosaurs of our time: huge, slow-moving and doomed. Like their brethren the newspaper, magazine and broadcast companies, they have watched through slow-blinking eyes as a wildfire revolution has transformed, and continues to transform, the way people get and use information.

I, having committed three books with and for the fossil book industry (plus two others for hire and a couple dozen edits), decided to surf the tsunami of change with my next title; I have joined the POD people, and I am not sure that the future is here... (more)

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