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The 2011 Award Season is Off to a Mean Start

By tmoya, published on Jan 18, 2011

I can’t remember the last time I sat through an entire award show just for the sake of watching the awards handed out. Yet that’s the position I found myself in on Sunday night, sitting back on my couch watching the 2011 Golden Globe Awards. Then somewhere after Ricky Gervais’ opening monologue, one thought kept tumbling in my mind, “Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.”

Gervais (despite his British sense of humor) can be funny, but Sunday night at the Golden Globes was not his night. His opening monologue turned into a case study for all would-be-comics of how when humor fails to illicit... (more)


Finding My Inner Vampire

By tmoya, published on Aug 19, 2009

Hollywood, CA – A small legion of vampires and lovers of the undead descended upon the Music Box Theater @ Fond, in Hollywood, this last Sunday (8/16/09) for Vampire-Con 2009. Promotional materials billed Vampire-Con as “the world’s first vamp-pop culture celebration” and invited attendees to come find their inner vampire. The promoters obviously want to capitalize on the public’s current infatuation with “fangers”.

The convention kicked off on Friday night (8/14/09) with a two-night film festival at the New Beverly Cinema. The films offered a good cross section of how Hollywood... (more)

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Transformers: Revenge Of The Pudding Heads

By tmoya, published on Jul 19, 2009

All right, so I’m several weeks late to this party. I finally saw the Transformers movie last night. I can’t believe this was the movie I was so looking forward to months ago. Unfortunately the experience was much like going to a party,given by one of your parents’ friends – you had to go, the party was okay, but staying home could of also worked out fine.This Transformers movie serves as a case study for a common Hollywood fallacy thatdictates, “More is better.” In thiscase more comedy, more explosions, and more robots didn’t make a more enjoyable... (more)

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The Oscars, R.I.P. 1953-2009

By tmoya, published on Jul 1, 2009

With the number of recent celebrity deaths, I fear this particular passing went unnoticed and largely under-reported. The Oscars heaved their last breath of relevance on Wednesday morning, June 24, 2009 when Sid Ganis (President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences) announced that beginning with the 2009 awards (scheduled for March 7, 2010), the Academy would nominate ten films for its coveted best picture award; breaking a sixty-five year tradition of only nominating five films to compete for this award. Someone cue the orchestra to strike up a dirge. May the Oscars rest in peace... (more)

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MJ And The Rat

By tmoya, published on Jun 27, 2009

In 1972 my mom took me to the Orphium Theatre, on Broadway, in downtown Los Angeles.  In those days the Orphium played first-run movies with Spanish subtitles, this allowed mom and me to enjoy the same movie.

 On this particular outing to the Orphium, the movie was Ben; the story of a young boy, named David, who befriends Ben, a dark colored rat. Ben leads a horde of pissed off rats – pissed because the last human they trusted tried to incinerate their furry butts. Somehow Ben finds it in his rat heart to make nice with this goofy kid, the unpopular kid, the kid that gets picked on (I... (more)

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Happy Endings

By tmoya, published on Sep 12, 2008

Recently I went to see Bottle Shock, a movie about the 1976 French wine competition that introduced California wine to the world’s palate. The film was humorous, but most importantly it had a happy ending.

I’ve been contemplating happy endings for some time now. Several nights before Bottle Shock, I sat down in front of my flat screen with Love Actually in the DVD player. Once again drawn to a happy ending – every time I watch this film I can’t help sitting with this goofy grin while Colin Firth proposes marriage to the Brazil girl in the crowded restaurant.

... (more)

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When Retirement Really Isn't Retirement

By tmoya, published on Aug 10, 2008

My Thursday morning started with ESPN’s SportsCenter; watching the spectacle that Brett Favre has lately become. At his first press conference, as a member of the New York Jets, Brett took some parting shots at the Green Bay Packers that traded him this week. Perhaps the sleepy fog had yet to lift in my head. Did I miss Brett taking sole responsibility for initiating the events of the last couple of weeks, while I stumbled to get my first cup of coffee? I can’t recall a recent sports figure that’s caused me to shake my head and laugh under my breath more than Brett. I sadly... (more)

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Life, Liberty, and... Hannah Montana?

By tmoya, published on Oct 7, 2007

When I was a teenager, I remember wanting a 35mm camera so badly that I could think of nothing else. I had a summer job as CYO day camp counselor. I worked after school in our neighborhood hardware store. I tried saving every dollar I got from my mom and dad. I grew up in the inner city of Los Angeles, the only child of Hispanic parents. We weren’t poor, but there was an unspoken sense in my household that anything I wanted wouldn’t be handed to me, in spite of being an only child. If I wanted the camera, I was going to have to earn enough to buy the camera. The lessons learned here – you... (more)

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