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Unblocked Games Online

By Timmy C. Blazer, published on May 3, 2014

At school and public libraries all over town, the internet connection or the computers are designed to sort games that are often accessed. This limits the function of the computer to purposes of education, research and related activities. However, there are clever methods that you can implement to unblock your favorite game sites both on game sites and on Facebook to make them accessible. The sad truth about this is, at times they will not last long or they can take up a lot of time. Plus, it’s never pleasant when someone finds out and reports you! Here is a site full of unblocked games at... (more)

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What type of Home Mortgage Loan is beneficial to you?

By Timmy C. Blazer, published on Apr 19, 2014

There are different types of Home Mortgage Loans. If you are looking out to buy a house, for the first time, you may not be in the know of things about Home Mortgage. The whole thing in respect of a home mortgage will be somewhat confusing and you may not be able to understand it fully. In fact, there are Fixed Rate loan, Adjustable Rate loan and Balloon payment loans. When such is the case, naturally, you will find it difficult to arrive at a decision regarding the type of loan you should go in for.

What does a Fixed Rate Mortgage mean?

As the very name suggests, for... (more)

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Investing In the Iraqi Dinar

By Timmy C. Blazer, published on Feb 22, 2014

Around the globe, people are investing in this form of currency because of the promise of it providing wealth in the upcoming years. When you research this form of currency as a method of investment, there are some things that you need to know.

1. The value of the dinar is low 2. There is going to be a revaluation 3. Iraq holds the second largest oil reserve

All of these are reasons why it’s important to invest in the Iraqi currency now. People from the United States, Europe, and elsewhere are already investing in this currency because they see the value of what’s to come in the... (more)

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