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Commercials Are Still A Great Way To Get Your Brand Noticed

By ThomasStocks, published on Jun 18, 2015

When people talk about getting your brand “out there” it is easy to think that TV is the way to do it. TV Commercials are extremely difficult to judge when it comes to their success but if there is one thing they’re good at, it’s getting your brand in front of people.

Over the years there have been some massive brands who have created some memorable commercials including the likes of Coca Cola, Cadburys and Lynx. One thing all of these companies have in common is they have all created an advert that people remember.

For example, Cadbury’s created arguably one of the most memorable... (more)

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Build Your Business Up With IT

By ThomasStocks, published on Dec 10, 2014

As businesses develop, they need to become more efficient and stable in order to maintain their growth and their finances. One way businesses can do this is to streamline their IT processes.

IT has become a fundamental aspect of businesses globally and it is important that you have an IT strategy in place to ensure your business stays up and running at all times. Having a good internet service and IT support means you can provide the best customer service to your customers.

Providing a good, efficient service to your customers is all part of growth and is crucial if your company... (more)


?Why Paper Bags Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

By ThomasStocks, published on Oct 18, 2014

The trick with giveaways at events, conferences and tradeshows is you want to hand out things that people will use regularly. There’s little point in giving away, say, a branded set of barbecue tongs, because for the best part of the year they’re going to be kept unseen in the shed. That’s why certain giveaways, such as pens, calendars, diaries and bags, have retained such popularity - they are useful, so they have visibility, not just to the person who receives them, but others too. That’s the best form of marketing, one that continues to live on for months after the event.

Promotional... (more)

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Is Fixed Physical Cabling Better For Business?

By ThomasStocks, published on Sep 17, 2014

The short answer to the above question is “it depends entirely on the nature of your business” - if you have just a few people working in the company, always based at the same desks, and few visitors, then there is no immediate advantage. But in many other cases, wireless networks come up trumps.

Fixed physical cabling does tend to be slightly faster than wifi, but the difference is not that great. The important thing to remember with wireless networks though is the flexibility they allow for.

If you have a large business, with staff frequently moving around, either to hotdesk... (more)

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What To Think Of When Deciding On A Data Centre Provider

By ThomasStocks, published on Sep 11, 2014

Each data centre and its provider is completely different from one another so you will need to ask a number of questions in order to understand fully what it is you are investing in and whether it will impact the performance of your business.

Whether your business is looking to improve its customer experience or wants a more reliable uptime, knowing what to look for is crucial and will help you to make a better business decision. In the UK, there are not too many data centre providers but cherry-picking the best is a task in itself.

We have looked at the 3 main questions you should... (more)

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How The Cloud Can Help Your Business Security

By ThomasStocks, published on Aug 8, 2014

Data security is a common concern when businesses are considering a partial or full move into Cloud computing. Even though the risks may actually be minimal, the perception can often be all that matters, especially to clients who may not like the idea for instance of their details being stored off-site by a 3rd party.

In fact for those in the know, Cloud computing carries multiple benefits for the security-conscious business. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

Faster Updates

Companies hire software applications from their Cloud provider for an agreed rate. Commonly, during... (more)

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Is Your Website Geared Up For Mobile?

By ThomasStocks, published on Aug 6, 2014

Google continues to update its search engine to ensure that the user has the best experience when making a search and one of its most recent updates is to optimise mobile listings.

Websites geared up for mobile have been something pushed by Google for a while now and as it makes more changes, it becomes more apparent why it is forcing people to turn to mobile too.

The rise of tablets and smartphones has sky-rocketed over the last year or so and Google has evolved with this rise. They have changed the way they display their mobile search results and if you are currently number... (more)

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Learn And Grow Through Video

By ThomasStocks, published on Jul 21, 2014

Video is a powerful tool and continues prove its power across the world. Video and broadcasting technology have been working together for some time now and have helped bring education to the unreachable, the uninspired and even the disconnected.

Video content is not something new but bringing a high definition learning experience is something that is embracing the world by storm. In fact edX, an online educational platform, has attracted around 800,000 students across the globe spanning 192 countries.

In the UK, Futurelearn has attracted 21 of the UK’s top Universities and expects... (more)

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Put Animation At The Front Of Your Content Marketing Strategy

By ThomasStocks, published on Jul 19, 2014

Using animation as part of a content strategy is something that dates back hundreds of years and although technology has advanced quite considerably since then, the power of cartoons and animation is still very much present.

Animation is used for a number of different communication platforms and uses specific messaging to help the audience understand and learn the message. In fact, cartoons have dominated our television screens for years, with many classics like The Simpsons and Tom & Jerry, still being shown regularly today.

Animation services can provide a way for digital... (more)

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Streamline Your Business With Unified Communications

By ThomasStocks, published on Jul 16, 2014

For businesses, being productive, efficient and cost-effective is extremely important, and there are always to improve the process of your business. One way to do this is unified communications.

What is unified communications?

Unified communications means the integration of different types of real-time communication services including data sharing, call control, speech recognition, instant messaging, telephony, video conferencing and desktop sharing.

What are the benefits?

Unified communication is ideal for everyday use of communication in the workplace. It allows... (more)

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