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How to Use Skype For Business Communication

By Therese Pope, published on Jul 12, 2012

If you conduct business via Skype, it's important to follow these "etiquette" rules when chatting with clients or colleagues. Skype is free to use - just download the software to your computer. Skype offers low-cost calling plans, but instant messaging and Skype-to-Skype calls (including video calls) are free.

1. Don't "shout" when you type. Shouting is the equivalent of typing with all caps. Just be careful when you instant message and make sure your caps lock is turned off. "Shouting" in the cyber world is considered rude.

2. Don't have a one-sided conversation with yourself.... (more)

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How to Create Successful Email Campaigns Minus The Spam

By Therese Pope, published on May 9, 2012

Despite social media’s popularity, an email campaign is still a valuable lead generation tool that internet marketers don’t always use effectively.

The fastest way to lose out on potential customers and clients is to spam their in-boxes with information they don’t want. Follow these tips to create a powerful email campaign that doesn’t come across as annoying spam.

1. Do not send unsolicited emails to people you don’t know, and do not buy harvested email lists. Make sure that you set up an opt-in via your content management system (CMS). Create a sign-up form on your website,... (more)

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How to Develop Business Case Studies

By Therese Pope, published on Mar 16, 2012

A case study is an intensive, detailed study of a company or corporation. A case study describes factors, issues, challenges, etc. that contributed to the company's successes (or failures). Follow these three easy steps to create an effective case study for your company or business.

1. Describe a challenge or a problem that your business or company faced.

How did you help customer and clients achieve success? Make sure to summarize the problem in the first paragraph - remember to show not tell. Be as specific as you can when outlining the issues you or your clients and customers... (more)

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How To Repurpose Online Content in Three Easy Steps

By Therese Pope, published on Feb 16, 2012

Content marketing is the easiest way to improve your online reputation and showcase your industry expertise. You don't always have to create content on a daily basis. Follow these three three easy steps to repurpose your content. By posting and sharing your valuable (and free) information, you begin a genuine social dialogue among followers and fans. Social media is not a platform to sell your products or services; however, helpful and informative content can capture the attention of your fans down the road. Content marketing is an effective way to generate leads and build your networking contact... (more)

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Why Social Media Mercenaries Won't Get Far

By Therese Pope, published on Jan 31, 2012

How many times have you been asked to "like" a Facebook page, and felt like you were pressured or harassed into liking it? Social media has turned into a free-for-all, and those who demand attention on social media are being kicked to the cyber curb. For businesses and companies who sell their products and services online, ask yourself this important question: do you want brand loyalists or haters who write bad reviews about your company?

An online reputation takes time to build, and an aggressive sales mentality will only hurt and negatively impact your online reputation. Whether your... (more)

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Beginning Blogging Basics - How To Find Your Blogging Voice

By Therese Pope, published on Sep 25, 2011

The expression "write about what you know" couldn't be more true for bloggers. There is a blog for every subject and industry imaginable these days. For new bloggers, how do you know if the topic you write about is the right one for you? If you are new to blogging, follow these easy steps to set yourself up for blogging success.

Step #1 Research First

Don’t just write about anything, and make sure you can easily write about the topic you choose. Have you been breeding French bull dogs for years? You could write a blog about your experiences. Do you want to start a blog, but... (more)

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5 Simple SEO Writing Tips

By Therese Pope, published on Sep 23, 2011

Tip 1 - Include researched keywords in content

For simple keyword research, use free online research tools such as Google Keywords tool or Wordtracker. Research keywords BEFORE you write your copy. Create a spreadsheet of keywords first. Ask yourself this question: what keywords would the "average" visitor use to search your site? Don’t create lists based on how YOU would search for your website/blog. Who are your target markets, customers and clients? Scatter keywords sparingly throughout your copy. Do not "stuff" too many keywords into paragraphs. Search engines do not look kindly... (more)

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5 Easy Steps To Avoid Negative Posts & Reviews

By Therese Pope, published on Sep 22, 2011

Not too long ago, a business could still be successful without being perfect. If the odd customer was left unhappy or unsatisfied, then it was unfortunate but business owners didn’t lose sleep over it. But times are quickly changing. With an endless supply of social media channels out there, the average disgruntled customer can quickly and easily post scathing reviews that may scare new customers away. It doesn't matter if the review is true or false, people read reviews AND believe them.

If your business and employees fail to perform at your customers' standards, then they will complain... (more)

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