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By TheFamilyInTheCar, published on Feb 16, 2009


Worry is to feel or express great care and anxiety, to fret. To worry is to have something constantly on the mind and agonizing over it. It can give a sick feeling. It can also be expressed through speech and action. The mind is agitated and there are complaints, there is impatience and irritability. In other words, there is no peace.

Sometimes worry can consume hours, days even weeks out of your life. You try to throw it off, but it clings like static. It clings like a tick on an unsuspecting animal.

Then “What If” enters. When “What If” enters, peace leaves.... (more)


Hang Up The Phone!

By TheFamilyInTheCar, published on May 25, 2008

I can remember having a cell phone when others didn't. However, post 9/11 has made having a cell a necessity. I know this is true, being a person born and raised in New York City.

Cell phones should be used while driving only in the case of emergencies. They should be used with hands-free devices, such as earpieces and Bluetooth equipment. There should never be a time when a driver is holding a cell phone and talking for extended periods of time.

If calls are received while driving, that are not emergencies, offer to return the calls later or have your cell on vibrate and... (more)

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Press Release

By TheFamilyInTheCar, published on May 5, 2008

For Immediate Release

Contact Information:

Brenda Farrar-Ejemai



Author Releases Documentary after 4 Years

Columbia, MD-April 5, 2008--

Well-known author, Brenda Farrar-Ejemai reveals, what was at first anonymously written, a documentary that records her experience in New York City over 17 years ago. Faced with the unexpected trauma of homelessness, her struggle began.

THE FAMILY IN THE CAR, A Revelation, which the author describes as “on-time”,... (more)

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The Goal

By TheFamilyInTheCar, published on Jan 1, 2008

It's like reaching for something far away. If you keep reaching without stopping, you will obtain what you are reaching for. Persevering not quitting, but going after it will all your might, as though you have to have it; that's the driving force. Don't look at time as a barrier. Look at it this way, the years are going to pass anyway, so why not accomplish what you wish. The battle starts in your mind, that's where it is. It is a war between your spirit and your mind. (your mind being your common sense) Once your mind is working in cooperation with your spirit, the struggle ceases.... (more)


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