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Cowardliness is a Crime

By taking off the mask, published on Apr 26, 2010

As the little boys run

kites flying above their heads

above the trees

aiming for the clouds

yet missing terribly

they laugh and run

but not me

I am serious

focusing on the prize

the victory

the name

the honor

oh what it would feel like

to have everyone know me as a winner

second place means nothing

nothing compared to first

how I wish to get my father's attention

all I have to do is win

with my friend beside me

holding the line

I feel victory in my sweat

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Tags: the kite runner

The Naked Paper

By taking off the mask, published on Apr 19, 2010

The naked paper sits before me fully exposed no words to clothe it it lays there helpless waiting for me to dress her in creativity she begs me to make her original and to standout but I just look at her beauty her smooth white surface so prude and innocent never been touched with ink I desire her instantly I want to cover her from top to bottom in beautiful words make her shout out and be full of adjectives let her verbs do the talking she willingly accepts everything I have to offer thoughts will be written all over her face no longer will she look blank I have the power to change her make her... (more)

Tags: writing, love, romance, creativity, paper

Another Fear

By taking off the mask, published on Apr 8, 2010

My eyes stingThey hold back tearsFrom all the past yearsOf all the stressThe over all messI just can’t stand this mental densenessI twirl my hair not sure of how I feelI know Gemini has two personalitiesBut really its way to muchI am telling you I have had enoughI am stuffed with black feathersI try to stand tall but instead I fallI put my hand out but it stays there untouchedThe problems that shouldn’t be sharedHave built up over these past yearsMy hand gets coldWill it ever be held?Will I sit like a toy on a shelf? Will I die all by myself?I start to scare myselfSaying and thinking... (more)

Tags: fear

The Never Ending Memory

By taking off the mask, published on Apr 7, 2010

Music eruptsThe world stopsA smile across her faceA dress covered in laceShe’s dressed as a guest A family friend of the brideShe’s filled with age,Wisdom and prideShe spots me outAlthough I am almost a ghostI don’t belongSilently I sing my songShe shoots out her armWith a bit of charmI grab a roseWhile flashing a poseTogether we danceFaking romanceThe green stem sitting between my teethA smile pulling at my cheeksThe world begins to spinThrowing us apartEager to break my heartTime begins to flyTears turn into criesDay becomes nightHer body changesFirst so thin, than roundYet a frown... (more)

Tags: death, cancer, losing a loved one


By taking off the mask, published on Apr 6, 2010

The evil tongue The damage is doneDid you have fun?None of what you said was trueBut who knew? Except for youYou made it all upAll the evil stuffYou watched me cryDid you even try?All because of a stupid lieEven if it were trueI’d still feel this hate towards youIt will heal but it is strongWhat you did was wrongWords go a long wayThey can create or betrayYou may not realize the power of your wordsThey stab like swordsSo next time don’t let words slideKeep them insideWhere they should hide


Tags: gossip

My Story

By taking off the mask, published on Mar 27, 2010

You ask for pain

real pain

you want me to open my wounds

and show you my scars

but that would be rewinding

to the very start

19 almost 20 years ago

when my mom pushed me out

thats when my roller coaster life began

but can you handle

the twists and turns

all the broken bones

every shout

each tear

everything I went through

year after year

how things got so bad

and how people turned out

all the bruises

the touching

a penny for one of my thoughts?

you'd... (more)

Tags: family, pain, sins, my story, secrets, unknown

cutting -- one of my drugs

By taking off the mask, published on Mar 22, 2010

I open my mouth

words come falling out

but only the walls hear them

my minds on automatic now

thoughts like trains

colliding into each others lanes

boiling blood

eager to melt my veins

ready to stain my sink

with velvet water

a substitute for my tears

I refuse to cry

always have

instead I cut designs

on my lower arm

cutting is one of my drugs

I am addicted

I feel relieved

but only for a moment

I feel safe

but from what?

Surely not myself

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Tags: pain, drugs, anger, media, murder, cutting, meth, g-d

The Pink Ribbon Of Hope

By taking off the mask, published on Feb 9, 2010

Tomorrow is full of sorrow

how do I know?

Because I feel the ice beginning to melt

and the vibrating sting

by the corner of my eyes

I hear the future cries ringing in my ears

life may end tonight

but I'll never know

not till the snoring stops

and her body lies dead in her bed

her bald head will still be on her fluffy pillow

but her soul will be up in the heavens

near G-D

and perhaps they will hold hands

my dear sweet daughter

she is nothing but innocents like a spring day

she never... (more)

Tags: death, cancer, pin, hope

Lets Take a Walk

By taking off the mask, published on Jan 20, 2010

“Let’s go for a walk” I say

joy written all over my face

the sky is light

the sun is shining bright

so we begin to walk hand in hand

feet moving at the same pace

I can't help to notice your smiling face

but then we come to a bridge

our feet meet the ledge

we look at the view

how stunning I think

your grip lets free

as I turn to you

I notice streams of salty water

running from your eyes

“baby why do you cry?”

you just look at me

but life already left your eyes

I begin... (more)


Welcome to the other side

By taking off the mask, published on Jan 17, 2010

welcome to my life

let me teach you about me

when i'm tired, stressed, or need to pee

i go to the corner flap my hands

as if they were wings

as i make frustrated noises

and jump up and down

than i calm down

come up to my mom

give her an attemped kiss

i play with balloons

well more like flick them

they keep me entertained for hours

maybe more

i'm not quite sure

you see i'm not your average kid

i go to special ed classes

although i look like i am fine

i am not

i... (more)

Tags: autism

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