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Heaven on Earth

By taking off the mask, published on Sep 26, 2010

After losing myself in the city

I haven't been the same

but today that changed

I revisited the pond

to spy on the flower again

but she was gone

I found a rock right off the water

I sat in the shade

under the big tree

everyone was sweating except for me

I watched the water ripple

and the fountains run

while reading a book

about a man who felt like a no one

I stopped every few pagesto enjoy the image

to gasp and marvel at the lakes beauty

I wanted to stick my feet in her soft waves

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Tags: perfect day

The Flower in the Pond

By taking off the mask, published on Sep 23, 2010

I take my camera to the pond

bend down on the ground

aim the eye of the lens

and focus on the flower

that floats in the water

surround by green

and dirty water

the white



stand tall

even though everything

around her

seems to stay low

and just float

and some drown

but she stands tall

through it all

and it's hard to ignore

her elegance

she seems to have an ego

and boy is she proud

standing for all to see her

and her beauty... (more)



By taking off the mask, published on Sep 22, 2010

Ever heard a song and liked it, but didn't connect to it? I have, but as time passes I seem to come across the song again and feel it is perfect for the situation that I am in, at that moment in life. I always enjoyed this song, always thought the meaning had to do with the music video but when I listened to the lyrics I realized it had to do with so much more, at least to me it did.

I decided to randomly listen to the song this morning and when I heard it I wanted to cry. I didn't cry because I don't know how, but I wish I did. Every single lyric made sense, it was how I felt. I'm... (more)


""Can I have some money?" "Um, no""

By taking off the mask, published on Sep 19, 2010

I am going to be honest, I don't understand why people are jobless. Why are you receiving food stamps, while all you do is sit on your behind all day? I seriously can't understand this. There are so many jobs out there, places with Help Wanted signs on their windows. So why are people still sitting on their couches? If you do work and you need the government to help you out, that's one thing, however if you aren't putting the effort in to make some money and finding a job, then why are we paying our tax money to help you out? It's a bit selfish don't you think, and rather pathetic?

Since... (more)

Tags: economy, poor, homeless, social security, get a job

A Quick Quiz

By taking off the mask, published on Sep 16, 2010

Who can I trust in a world of gossip?

What subject can I write about that has never been addressed?

Where can I find happiness in a "depressed America?"

When do I know, and not just hope or think?

Why do I make myself stay awake, when my body desires sleep?

How do I give and not expect to receive?

Which religion do I believe when they all claim to be true?

Whatever shall I do when all else fails, and accomplishment is key?

Whose worthy of a princess if he is not willing to make her his Queen?

Does maturity happen because it evolves... (more)

Tags: life, questions, quiz, experiment


By taking off the mask, published on Sep 14, 2010

I Lost myself in the city

looked under every garbage bin

but my courage


and smile

seemed to have been misplaced

I asked the man at the counter

if he's seen them

but he just shook his head and shrugged

I searched in the eyes of a child

but she just cried

I even asked the birds

but they flew away

so I walked aimlessly

looking franticly

trying not to cry

hugging myself

trying not to be afraid

but it seems I lost myself

somewhere in the city today

I... (more)

Tags: manhattan, nyc

Why Do You Cry Mr. Sky

By taking off the mask, published on Sep 12, 2010

Mr. Sky

Why do you cry?

What is the reason for each tear that falls from your eye?

Is it because of the crime you see?

Do you cry because of the father who beat his child because she wouldn't sit in her car-seat?

Or was it because of the man who stole the old lady's purse and then pushed her down while saying a curse?

Or was it the gossipy school girls again speaking while pointing at the homeless man, causing him pain?

Or was it when the mother yelled at her daughter and made a scene, that embarrassed the little girl to extreme?

Or was... (more)

Tags: poetry, tears, crimes, the sky

Town or The Kotel?

By taking off the mask, published on Sep 7, 2010

“I'm going to the Kotel ("The Western Wall"), who's coming with me?,” a girl in my apartment asked the group of us sitting on the couches and chairs, eating dinner. A few girls hands shot up and a few groaned. I silently finished my food and mentally scanned my closet to pick an outfit for tonight. She had to ruin it by making me feel guilty, someone always had to ruin it, I thought.

I was in Israel to grow, to become religiously attached and educated to "my religion". The prior year I succeeded and got to a level I never thought that I could. However summer happened and it threw... (more)

Tags: religion, israel, drugs, g-d, drinking, town

Dylan, My Love

By taking off the mask, published on Sep 7, 2010

Today was my last day being Dylan's nanny. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't going to miss him. We've been through so much during the last 9 months. Dylan was dignosed with autism when he was two and a half, he's seven now.

We met in Israel, by an ice cream store that his mom and I agreed to meet at. I found her ad on a website saying she needed a live in nanny for her baby while she attends school with her other son, Dylan. I got the job on the spot, we just clicked. So every day I'd watch Brady, the baby. As time went on though I grew a strong connection with Dylan. I really never thought... (more)

Tags: israel, autism, family love, affection

Insane? maybe

By taking off the mask, published on Sep 5, 2010

My skull hurts when I touch it. I feel bruises coming in, sharp pains, but nothing like the nightmare I had last night.

I made him press different places on my head with lot of force, saying it was tense, but what started off as innocent became a scary eye opener.


“No I will not hit your head,” he says.

“It'll make it stop.”

“Make what stop? Does something hurt you?”

“The voices, make the voices stop.”

“What voices? What are they saying?”

“They want me to hit my head against the wall.”

“Don't do that,... (more)

Tags: reality, nightmare

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