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I Am The Captian

By taking off the mask, published on Nov 1, 2010

I am the captian

The drug my wheel

Feel the tight twists and terrible turns

The sharp sea shells dipped in honey

See the purple pot boil and over flow silver salt

The foam pirate boat floating on naked clouds

Hear the orange ocean waves collide with Scarlet sun rays

The Anker scraping against smooth sand

Touch the velvet violin and wrap your arms around the shore

The delicate dock covered in bubble wrap

Taste the sweetness of salt water

The bitterness of revenge

Picture the colors

The shapes

And... (more)


Thirsty for Rain

By taking off the mask, published on Oct 29, 2010

The clouds roll in

Teasing me

I eye them with desire

Wishing they would give in

Let loose

And shower me with diamonds

I miss the days I was rich soil

When I was overflowing

With wealth

I dread the day that

Thirst consumes me

And I crumble into dirt

The blue sky threatens me

And the sun shines

Her rays

Jealousy settles in

And I hate her instantly

She so easily and independently

Can please the people

While I am dependant on the clouds

I take the heat

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On the Bus with the Monster

By taking off the mask, published on Oct 26, 2010

I have one random curl of hair I keep twirling from the back of my head

The rest fall straight, I can’t help it though

I am nervous, oh so nervous

I saw him

At first I thought he was good looking

Then I realized he looked familiar

I knew that face, from somewhere

I think quickly

Scanning my memory for his face

Suddenly he doesn’t look cute anymore

I see the fangs and the horns

My whole body trembles

My eyes are glued to him

And I wonder if he will recognize me

But he never even looks in my direction

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Perhaps I Am Depressed

By taking off the mask, published on Oct 26, 2010

My eyes are nothing more than faucets

Leaking every now and then

While painting a thin line of sadness

Down my colorless, pale cheeks.

I feel depression crawl through my thin skin

And nibble away my happiness

Like a hungry cockroach eating through wood.

My usual smile is too heavy

And as a result it falls into a frown.

Stress is my yoke,

and I a weak ox.

The voices in my head

Are as loud as coyotes

At the blackest hour of night

Howling to be heard.

My heart once a clown

Is now... (more)


who/what am I?

By taking off the mask, published on Oct 21, 2010

People desire me year round

yet no one can quite get a grip on me

they crave me when I belong to others

and beg for me in their weakest state

they need me in the mornings, afternoons, and nights

they use me thinking I'll always be around

some people save me for when they need me most

I've been everywhere from China to Italy to California

everyone has had a taste of me at some point

people sometimes wake up in middle of the night looking for me

even animals love me and depend on me

I am a part of you, and every other... (more)


The Tricks the Brain Plays

By taking off the mask, published on Oct 18, 2010

“Can we go for a walk?”

He glances up from his computer screen, and then just as quickly back down.

“yeah, give me a minute” he says in a voice far from enthusiastic.

“Okay, how long?” I ask annoyed

“What?” he asks half listening

“nothing” I say as I close the study door behind me.

I scan the dishes on the drying rack and think about how clean they are and all it took was a little scrubbing and some work, I wish my marriage was as easy to clean. I feel my nose beginning to twitch, no I refuse to cry, so I blink a few times quickly and get a hold of... (more)


You Must Be Blind

By taking off the mask, published on Oct 17, 2010

I see it

they see it

so why can't you see it?

You have the eye

you have the words

you have the talent

so why can't you see it?

You have the looks

you have the curves

you have the goods

so why can't you see it?

You have the spark

you have the color

you have the eyes

so why can't you see it?

You have the lips

you have the teeth

you have the smile

so why can't you see it?

You have the eyes

you have the smile

you have the face

so why can't you... (more)


Follow the Leader

By taking off the mask, published on Oct 5, 2010

Your lost

so follow me

I'm a leader

and that's what I always intend to be

just take my hand

I'll show you around

teach you the ropes

and give you hope

no need to fear

cuz baby I'm here

so wipe those tears

and paint your face with a smile

cuz being sad won't get you there

it'll just keep you behind

leaving you confused


and misused

so cheer up

why you crying?

Nothing bad can happen without your consent

you have two ways to look at every situation

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The Boy in the Window

By taking off the mask, published on Oct 4, 2010

The boy in the window

with the coy smile

and the midnight hair

stares at the naked trees

and the dead leaves

the room is always black

only his face can be seen

from behind the glass

but if you look close

you can see

no one is in the room

except for his ghost


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By taking off the mask, published on Sep 27, 2010

I feel the air change

I witness the monster overcome you

I see the ugly unmask itself

and grab hold of you

you are nothing more than its prey

I watch helplessly as it eats you

It's hard for me to watch

knowing I'm the one who will suffer

I will feel the pain

your skin turns green

but not from envy

but from dishonesty

I always viewed you as a friend

but as you unveil yourself I see it was an act

and you only care about your money

your word means nothing

not even to you

you... (more)


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