Monday, September 24, 2018

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Just the Beginning (part 2)

By taking off the mask, published on Sep 24, 2018

I wake up to banging down stairs, knowing full well not to dare take a look. I don’t want to see my mom being smashed around or to see her arms being twisted round and round, as he presses her to the ground the bones crack and she screams, while he holds her head back covering her mouth as more bones crack. I saw it once when I was six and learned to never look again. Mom was pregnant back than but after that the baby inside chose to die. I don’t blame the baby I would have done the same if I would have known life would turn out this way.

My alarm goes off I get out of bed, my skin... (more)

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I Am the Only Girl in the World

By taking off the mask, published on Sep 24, 2018

I listen to the new Rihanna song and I smile at each lyric

the feeling she describes

is how I feel

how he makes me feel

I am the only girl in HIS world

I am the girl that matters

the one he wants to come home to at night

the one he works long hours for

so when he goes I won't be broke

not even close

He is trying to make it be that my dreams come true

that everything I want he can give me

and the love and attention I deserve

the help I need

and the support I want

I am the only girl in his... (more)

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