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Urge of revival

By SZU, published on Jul 26, 2010

Once upon a time, my mind was a natural recipient to fresh and instant ideas. And words complemented those thoughts well. Now the mind has changed, the ideas have perished and the words have withered away. Why? The reason is yet to be discovered. The motive; yet to be unearthed. And the disease, still to be diagnosed.But as I sit repenting on the decline of my creative state; there's a voice (from deep within) that's shouting at me. I can see it. Can't hear it. That voice is mine-I know; but how to reach it? I don't. It can help me- I know; but how to follow it? I don't.In my quest of finding... (more)

Tags: creativity, quest


By SZU, published on Jul 25, 2010

Today, the vast blue blanket seemed pale…the day looked dull…the waves had lost their passion and the winds blew with much less fancy…even the slow chirps of the birds had lost their melody…nothing that I adored primarily was of least attraction now…not even the mighty sight of those huge mountains that stood there with equal dignity as before!…And this made me hate them even more…they had promised to be my best friends…they were always there for me every second...but now they were acting insensitive, emotionless, cold, unaffected and total strangers!The running and flying sand seemed to hit... (more)

Tags: regret, gloom

Raging thoughts

By SZU, published on Jul 23, 2010

When storms have raged and passed awayCan gentle calm succeed?I sleep to ease a troubled mindSleep is the friend, I need…With these few words I speak my mindYou in this a quest will findMy quest is clear…seek it outLove is a tyrant…when in doubtI got an instant inspiration; and i wrote down the following words in response:This storm is here for eternity,NO trace of calmness can I see…No sleep, no rest can soothe my mindNo friend can bring me glee…This unending quest kills me everyday,I can’t reach where I want to be…This doubt can be tyrant I know,Still this love shall be a part of me…We appreciated... (more)

Tags: love, thoughts, lovers

Her Diary

By SZU, published on Jul 23, 2010

I have this weird inclination towards solitude…just the idea of being alone in a given space and time soothes my weary senses in a very odd way. My loneliness has always proven to be this unique magical balm that massages away all my pain and sadness. Not to forget, its an impossibly dawdling process…I call it weird and odd because I miss it when I am surrounded by people. You might see me burning the dance floor complementing my echoing laughter with my swaying body…hugging and kissing people around me…but even in that crowded moment am I longing for loneliness…craving for a place where all... (more)

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By SZU, published on Sep 21, 2018

Just bcuz I never said,

and just because you never expressed

thinking you dint need to..and thinking I feel the same way too,

In those laughs and in those smiles

In those weeps and in those cries

there was no single moment...there was no single time

When you weren't aware or I dint know...

same feelings we shared;

same emotions we showed...

you tried to hide and I always hid,

but ne'er did we succeed a single bit...

the clock would strike nine...the clock would tick three

...but each others company we'd enjoy... (more)

Tags: love, silence, admiration

The Struggling Zeal

By SZU, published on Sep 21, 2018

I'm waiting for the silence to make some noise,I'm waiting for this lull to show its voice...I'm wondering if this dark will progress to light,I'm wondering if those colors will embrace my sight...I am not sure if my words will... bring a change?I am not sure if the world is within my range...My past is haunting; my present ...maybe misplaced,But my tomorrow...I promise...I'll draw in best shades.



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