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By SZU, published on Sep 25, 2010

Tell me, my love

What should I write for you?

Do you wish for my words

To turn into a cupid

And hit you so hard in your heart

To evoke all the passion you once had

Which got kidnapped by the time

And I had no ransom to pay

So I lost you

And you lost me

But I am sure this wind around me

Is touching me after it has brushed you

I am sure your arms

Are just as lonely as mine

For they have hugged none for long

I am sure you long

For my heat

Just as I long for yours

because... (more)

Tags: mind, love, heart, passion, delusion

It's gone, what never existed.

By SZU, published on Sep 22, 2010

You are trying hard nowWhen it's no useWhere were you...When I was bruised?I lived each moment..thinking you will show upI smiled and cried..thinking,together we will end up,your insensitivity...burnt all the fire I had in me,the love that I had for you, I struggle to find within me.All that's left ...for youIs a regret, trueI wish,I should've ne'er met meI should've ne'er let you..CrazyHad I really gone?IndeedNowonder you left me alone...But I'd say I have no complainI made a bad I deserve this pain


Tags: love, pain, regret, hurt

It's Eid!

By SZU, published on Sep 11, 2010

As I type these words I realize that the month of blessings (Ramadan) has passed away. I am fasting right now but it will be over in an hour with the Maghrib prayers….I feel oddly low. I never like it when Ramadan ends…and I have never learnt how to put that solemn feeling into words…

Did I make use of this month to the maximum? I don’t think so. Will I get to experience this month ever again? I am not sure. Did God accept my prayers and fasts? I desperately hope He did.

Perhaps God always knew how we would feel when this Blessed month will end that’s why He disguised His reward... (more)

Tags: muslims, ramadan, eid, flood victims

In dire need of escape

By SZU, published on Sep 11, 2010

Arms folded

Sanity jolted

She sits there

With her mind molded

There is a breeze

Cold enough to freeze

She sits there

With her sensations seized

She feels no air

She only glares

She sits there

With future to flare

Her luck’s disguised

In a mesh of malice

And she sits there

With her puny plights

She will run away

It will happen one day

She sits there

And that’s all she pines to pray


Tags: luck, girl, sanity, malice

Century's Biggest Catastrophe

By SZU, published on Sep 3, 2010

Hundreds and hundreds of people have died and around four million have been displaced from their homes and families. It is easy for me to write the figures here and it’s easy for you to read it but to those who have faced the loss; it’s a lot more than mere calculation. Those people have no where to go. They are sleeping, defecating and living on the roads. Waterborne diseases have erupted in all those areas at an enormous scale. They are dependent on others for even a single course of their meal. They are dependent on others to help them keep their bodies covered. They are dependent on others... (more)

Tags: flood in pakistan, international aid, nation united


By SZU, published on Aug 18, 2010

Have you ever wondered how sometimes the people you consider to have bonded well may just be an example of yet another pseudo-connection in your life? That the ostensibly simple looking daily occurrences of life may perhaps be the most complicated things on earth… I have realized it. Not once; many times.

I have friends in college who have been around for the last three years now. We have enjoyed some funniest, happiest and lamest moments together. We went movies together, did assignments for each other, bunked classes to go for breakfasts and lunches, slipped out for dance parties and... (more)

Tags: relationships, friends, secrets, comfort

Ramzan's near

By SZU, published on Aug 4, 2010

Ramzan is the 9th month as per the Islamic calendar. Most Holy of all. Every muslim is expected to fast from dawn till dusk (i.e.) refrain from eating, drinking and getting involved in any activity that might not be considered appreciatable by everyone. This is to show that we are surrendering to God and will follow all His Commands.

How is it celebrated in Pakistan? With pure love, respect and happiness.

Everyone gets up early in the morning for 'Sehri' (breakfast before dawn), our expert moms cook the best of food or we go out with friends (and/or) family to cafes, hotels and... (more)

Tags: love, muslims, ramzan, fast

Too Deep

By SZU, published on Aug 4, 2010

The secrets that I hold inside

Are never to be shared,

The fate that I carry

is forever to be scared,

I have no friends

To hold no hands,

I have no one,

To walk me to the end,

This life is not a foe

neither is it a friend,

mistakes that my luck made

Never can I mend,

Forget that I am human...

Ever, Can I?,

If I fall for it

I'll be a part of this lie,

And Lie is not

what I have learnt to say,

So I'll remember I am alive

For as long as I may,

Alone will I... (more)

Tags: life, secrets, alone

Airbus A321

By SZU, published on Jul 30, 2010

Location: Pakistan

BACK STORY Four months ago I participated in a media coup. There were students of reputable colleges and institutions from all round the city. We made films and ads, conducted seminars, danced, sang and had the best time of our lives in those three days of the coup-competition.The best part of it all was the livelong friendships that we made. Below is a memoir of those friendships.

THE STORY I haven’t been very well for the last few days but I have been a thorough professional by being present at my internship every single day despite the ill health. Two days... (more)

Tags: friends, plane, crash, deaths

my Immortal Love

By SZU, published on Jul 29, 2010

I am living here without you,

And I am doing just fine…

Cuz every night I breathe you,

With your hands in mine…

They say you are no more,

They say you are dead…

How’d they know…you’ve lived in me,

Since the day we met

Please hold me once more,

Cuz you can for sure!

Please sway with me,

Please hear my plea!

Please kiss me… this last time

… Just to remind me that you are mine

Please touch me like you used to

And hug me like you are supposed to…

Connect with me in this dark…

To... (more)

Tags: love, hug, immortal

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