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The Biggest Interior Design Trends Of 2015

By Sydney Pro, published on Oct 31, 2014

Predicting the major trends in interior design for 2015 is actually not a very difficult proposal, if you know the right people. There is a wealth of design trade shows which are frequented by the industries leading brands and designers which give a fore-gleam of what will dominate the interior design industry in the coming seasons. Brands use these trade shows to release new ranges and products, and designers take this opportunity to craft new ideas and themes. To save you having to traverse the globe to attend these events here is a taster of some of the most prominent themes from some of... (more)

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The 5 Biggest Fitness Trends Of 2015

By Sydney Pro, published on Oct 23, 2014

Every year the fitness industry promises a range of new workouts, diets and panacea pills that will revolutionise the way we view fitness and exercise. Some of these are short lasting fitness trends, while others end up not only making their founders a lot of money, but also transforming the bodies of countless millions across the face of the earth. So what are going to be the biggest fitness trends in 2015? Here are some of fitness trends that you will be seeing in gyms and lounge rooms all over Australia in the coming year.

HIIT - HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is by no means... (more)

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Police Warn Of Thieves Targeting Power Tools

By Sydney Pro, published on Oct 22, 2014

Recent statistics from the Victorian Police show that crime rates throughout the major Australian metropolitan centres have continued to rise, with power tools being one of the main targets of thieves. A recent report compiled by the Victorian Police has shown that robberies have increased throughout the last decade, with the rate of both automotive and household burglaries rising. Thieves are not only increasing the prevalence of their activities, but they are also focusing on different items than what the public may think of protecting.

Thefts From Automobiles

The total amount... (more)

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