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How To Get To Your Accomodation From Sydney Airport

By Sydney Pro, published on Dec 23, 2016

There is no shortage of transport options that are available in Sydney, it just depends on your budget as to what method is best for you.

It is worth noting that Sydney airport is widely known as one of the world's most expensive airports, so planning is important to ensure that you don't cut too much into your travel budget before you reach the doors of your hotel! It can actually be more expensive to get to your hotel than it is to get a domestic airfare.

Here are some of the most common transport options for getting from Kingsford Smith Airport to Sydney hotels.

Taxi... (more)


The World's 5 Most Amazing Swimming Pools

By Sydney Pro, published on Nov 29, 2015

With a long hot summer only a fortnight away, there is no better time to enjoy a refreshing swim in a swimming pool. But take this time to let your mind wander as you imagine yourself diving into one of the world's 5 most amazing swimming pools.

1. San Alfonso del Mar, Algarrobo, Chile

If bigger is better, then there is no better place to start than the world's largest swimming pool. Being larger than 20 Olympic sized pools, this pool is even six times bigger than the second biggest pool in the world. To illustrate the dimensions of this behemoth think about this, it is not uncommon... (more)

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The Biggest Australian Visa Stories of 2015

By Sydney Pro, published on Nov 26, 2015

Immigration has again been one of the hottest topics in Australia in 2015 with a number of stories creating headlines internationally. Here is a collection of the biggest immigration news stories of the year.

Australia's Refugee Intake The Highest Since WWII

Due to the conflict and humanitarian crisis in Syria, the Australian Government proposed to take an additional 12,00 refugees from Syria and Iraq. The announcement on the 9th of September that the Government has promised to resettle 12,000 refugees, highlighted that the focus would be on prioritising to accept women, children... (more)

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Simple Tips To Help You Pressure Wash Like A Pro

By Sydney Pro, published on Nov 25, 2015

With the wide range of pressure washing machinery on the market today, it has never been easier to pressure clean your property. In order to prevent damage to your home, here are some simple tips that will not only prevent you ruining the finish on your concrete driveway, but will also provide you with professional results.

Basic Pressure Washing Method

Soak the surface in order to soften and loosen the contaminants. Keeping the nozzle at a distance of about 20cm from the surface, use your pressure washer to clean the concrete. Ensure your passes overlap to provide a consistent... (more)

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The Essential Interior Car Detailing Guide

By Sydney Pro, published on Nov 24, 2015

We all know the great feeling of satisfaction you get when you are looking at your gleaming car in your driveway after you have cleaned it. But wouldn't you love to get amazing results like a professional car detailer?

There are a lot of great guides on the net that show a lot of tips and tricks that professional car detailers use to provide a showroom shine, but you will not find a collection with all of the industry secrets for cleaning the interior of your daily drive. So read on and block out your Saturday afternoon out so that you can get your vehicle back to near new condition.

... (more)

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Oriental Rugs - The Latest Artwork Trend For Living Rooms

By Sydney Pro, published on Jun 30, 2015

It would be hard to imagine that someone would buy an expensive oil painting, then put it on the floor of their living room and walk all over it. But if you are in the market for an Oriental rug, then that is most probably what you will do with these expensive pieces of art.

The most expensive rug ever sold was the silk Isfahan rug of Central Persia which sold for $4,450,000 USD in 2008 at Christie's New York. But you needn't be concerned about accidentally wiping your shoes on it, it is safely stored away. But if you are looking for an Oriental rug for your home what do you need to... (more)


The Best Weapon Yet Against Employee Time Theft

By Sydney Pro, published on Jun 30, 2015

Would it come as a surprise to you that 1/3 of employees are stealing at work? If you are reading this at work look over your shoulders and think about that statistic. Who do you suspect is the biggest thief in your office?

A recent study by the Workforce Institute has revealed that 1/3 of workers are stealing time from their employers. Is that surprising? Most workers are actually surprised that the rate is not higher. But when you calculate the significant cost that workplace time theft is costing companies, and in such a critical financial time, it really is one of the most pressing... (more)

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What Does The Future Hold For Safe Window Cleaning?

By Sydney Pro, published on Dec 21, 2014

The City of New York once again focused it's attention on the site of the World Trade Centre again this week, but thankfully this time disaster was averted. Window cleaners were cleaning windows on the 70th floor of the newly opened One World Trade Centre, when a cable came loose and their working platform was left hanging. The One World Trade Centre is the fourth tallest building in the world and window cleaners had only started cleaning windows on the skyscraper for less than a week when this near disaster occurred. The two experienced window cleaners were rescued by the Fire Department,... (more)


Mamagreen Launches New 2015 Outdoor Furniture Collections

By Sydney Pro, published on Nov 23, 2014

Mamagreen has released it's award winning outdoor furniture range to the public in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia. Mamagreen is one of the world's fastest growing furniture manufacturers and the new 2015 outdoor furniture range is sure to expand the market for the Indonesian based company.

The new 2015 range by Mamagreen encompasses over 300 items from 19 different collections. This expansive range of furniture and décor allows property owners to enhance an outdoor space with modern designs which are crafted from sustainable materials. Mamagreen has been recognised for designing... (more)


The Idiots On Ladders Competition Highlights Ladder Safety

By Sydney Pro, published on Nov 22, 2014

The third annual “Idiots On Ladders” is once again highlighting the importance of ladder safety and training. The organisers of the competition 'The Ladder Association' has received 100's of submissions of ladders being used in the most unsafe manner, from being set up on wheely bins, to hanging off balconies. The competition has highlighted the disturbing fact that people recognise that the misuse of ladders is dangerous, but the prevalence of unsafe ladder use is rampant. The submission that receives the most likes and comments on the The Ladder Association Facebook page is deemed the winner,... (more)


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