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BIBS Organizes Ultimate Startup Plan Contest

By Swarit Chatterjee, published on Feb 4, 2015

The foremost management institution has added another feather to its cap. BIBS has come up with a unique USP or Ultimate Startup Plan competition. Here different business plans are going to be showcases among the students and the judges will then select the best one among them. The business plan plays a unique role in helping a business get started and this will help the students to think in innovative ways so that they can reach for the sky. This unique competition helps give the students the required edge that makes them better leaders and managers.

Management Education Builds Entrepreneurs:

... (more)

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Imtiaz Ali Visits STORY Bookstore

By Swarit Chatterjee, published on Jan 27, 2015

Once again, STORY the famous bookstore of Kolkata has proved its mettle in organizing events in its signature style. They organized an event on 14th January 2015 where the budding author Kala Devi launched her book ‘Living, Longing and Loving and the famous Bollywood actor cum director Imtiaz Ali was the showstopper and his fans got the chance to interact with him. This event was filled with fun and excitement which has been the trade mark of STORY.

Launch of Kala Devi’s Book

The event started with author Kala Devi recounting her experience: “I am very passionate about... (more)

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Kids Having Fun With Chota Bheem At STORY

By Swarit Chatterjee, published on Jan 27, 2015

Kids having fun as Chota Bheem arrives at STORY:This weekend STORY, a well-known book store, in collaboration with Primarc Group; invites children at its store situated in Elgin road, to be up-close and personal with their most beloved cartoon character Chota Bheem and click some exciting shots on 17th January, Saturday from 11.30 to 4. The STORY organizers have entirely planned the event for children, starting it with Chota Bheem storytelling keeping in view its huge popularity as one of the most loved television shows on Pogo TV. Prior to the event, there is already enough enthusiasm among... (more)


Kids Workshop At STORY, Kolkata

By Swarit Chatterjee, published on Jan 14, 2015

Protecting our children: STORY invited children and their parents in a workshop for children in Kolkata called ‘RIGHT TOUCH WRONG TOUCH’. The program was designed to guide children to differentiate between right touch wrong touch, so that they can protect themselves against sexual abuse and molestation within home or outside.The event took place at STORY, Kolkata’s biggest and most loved bookstore on 11 January 2015 from 1:00 pm onward and was open to both kids and parents.

Safety of kids has become a serious concern and a major issue with incidents such as gang rape of schoolchildren,... (more)

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Fun Winter Activities For Kids At STORY

By Swarit Chatterjee, published on Dec 31, 2014

Christmas festival with Story: This time, let your children celebrate Christmas at Story! With a time bound history of boosting Kolkata’s passion for reading and collecting books, STORY, the renowned bookstore, now wants to play a new role by inviting everybody with special emphasis on children to Christmas Carnival Celebrations at its stores in Elgin road, Durgapur Junction Mall and Diamond Plaza Nagerbazar. So, this Christmas bring your child to the most happening Christmas entertainment destination to enjoy Christmas in the most innovative and fulfilling way.

Story’s Christmas activities... (more)

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ABID Presents INTERIORS 2015 MilanMela Grounds from February

By Swarit Chatterjee, published on Dec 16, 2014

Since its inception, Abid has come up with unique ideas to promote perfection to people’s lifestyles and it is the same this time too. Abid always strives to provide ultra- graceful and high-quality interior services. The brand is now going to host a national fair in the Milan Mela ground and thereby provide a platform to emerging companies as well as established ones.

It is through these endeavours that Abid aims to open a new door in the field of interior designing and decoration giving architects, builders and interior designers a platform to showcase their talents. During the fair,... (more)

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Ravinder Singh Book‘Your Dreams Are Mine Now’-Event At STORY

By Swarit Chatterjee, published on Dec 14, 2014

Breaking up clichés: Story has lived up to its reputation of breaking traditions by not limiting itself to books, but has other merchandise as well. Even then, its book collection is massive with more than 50000 titles across all genres. This includes all the renowned publishers who have been successfully promoting their books through Story. All this comes with impeccable customer service and the latest technology.

Having books for all: The famous Roman Senator, Marcus Tullius Cicero once said, ‘a room without books is like a body without a soul’. Kolkata is the cultural capital of India... (more)

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ICIMOD:‘Opening Doors To Adaptation Action To Climate Change

By Swarit Chatterjee, published on Dec 7, 2014

ICIMOD brining new ideas to deal with climate change: now globally one of the biggest concerns is climate change which is affecting everything in the nature. In these frequent changes our hills are not exception, therefore, with the initiative ICIMOD, experts from theHindu Kush Himalayan (HKH)region and across the world joined hands together to discuss about the new ways for sharing knowledge and increasing engagement to fight climate changes. This also increased strong partnerships to open the doors to further adaptation in the region at a four-day international conference as Dr David Molden... (more)

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Bridal Jewellery Is Evolving

By Swarit Chatterjee, published on Dec 4, 2014

Jewellery: indispensable part of wedding

Gold jewelry has never struggled as India has one of the most promising markets for gold jewelry; thanks to big fat Indian weddings as it is due to these occasions that gold sells really well here. In India every state has its typical traditional form of gold jewelry, and truly they form an indispensable part in wedding. However in recent times modern couples are moving to a variety of other choices in wedding jewellery spanning from diamonds, kundaan, jaadau and meenakari. To understand the changing trends in Bridal Jewellery and current fashion... (more)


ILEAD: Support For The Nomination Of The Website Of The Year

By Swarit Chatterjee, published on Dec 4, 2014

ILEAD stands for quality: ILEAD has been nominated for this award due to its strict quality control. The nomination category has set up certain parameters which help in judging the quality of an educational institution and ILEAD has successfully outperformed its competitors across all these parameters. ILEAD chooses top-class faculty members with not only excellent teaching abilities but also relevant industry experience. The classes themselves are very interactive and include debates and discussions which help students think out of the box. The parameters included are the quality of faculty,... (more)

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