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Star R 2401-A Basic Phone with a Great Memory

By Swarit Chatterjee, published on Aug 4, 2015

Many persons are still looking for those old basic handsets which are user-friendly and serve the basic purpose of calling and texting. So companies too, are still coming up with ideas in bringing up those sets with some of the latest features. These are generally budget friendly phones so anyone needing a 2nd phone can make this an easy option. Star R 2401priced Rs.999 only is a new addition from the house of Reach.

There are many phones available in the market at this price like Micromax X072, Lava Arc 240 but the features that this handset offers is unmatched to other piece.

A... (more)

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Kraze 350- The Ultimate Smart Phone From Reach Mobile

By Swarit Chatterjee, published on Jul 28, 2015

The brand new smart phone launched by Reach Mobile in North India, Kraze 350 has created positive impressions with consumers first because of its price and second because of it’s features, making itone of the best mobile handsets for the new generation. Kraze 350 is being referred to as the ultimate smart phone which is both classy and affordable.

Dual Core Processor

The specialty of this phone is the dual core processor that consists of a 1GHZ ARM A7 processor. This enables you to have seamless services at your fingertips. The Operating Systems for this phone is the 4.4.2 Android... (more)

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Singapore As An Educational Hub: Know the Facts

By Swarit Chatterjee, published on Jul 17, 2015

Singapore a favourite tourist destination is also a place that offers the students best standards of education. It is also a place where students from different nations including India go for studies. Singapore provides world class education in different streams of study including MBA which has been the current rage among students.

The government also has come up with a lot of initiatives in attracting students from across the world. A report says more than 70000 international students visit Singapore for education every year and they plan to make the number double by this year.

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Klassy Series From Rashmi Group’s : Reach Mobile Launched In

By Swarit Chatterjee, published on May 27, 2015

Reach Mobile has recently launched its new range of mobile phones in Bihar. This has brought the Klassy series of Reach Mobile to the doorsteps of the people of Patna. This shows that Reach Mobile is truly living up to its name and will leave no stone unturned in reaching out to the masses.

The two Klassy series that have been launched in the market have created a furor among the masses. These are the Klassy 300 HD and the Klassy 400 HD and this will help you get the best that mobile technology can offer.

The Importance of Bihar

Bihar is an extremely important market because... (more)


Best Media College Kolkata iLEAD Organizes European Film Festival

By Swarit Chatterjee, published on May 8, 2015

ILead is a premier management and mass media institute that is committed to giving its students the best that holistic education has to offer. Thus, keeping this in mind, they have brought out the European Film Festival that has been held in the ILead auditorium spread out over two days April 27 and 28.

This festival saw a plethora of films including seven of them in all but the most distinctive and unique among them is the Portuguese Heritage in Goa that was the last film to be shown in this avant garde festival. This award winning film was directed by Nalini Sousa.

Nalini Elvino... (more)

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Rashmi Group Of Companies: Fighting Against All Odds

By Swarit Chatterjee, published on Apr 29, 2015

Becoming a honcho in the industry where neck and neck competition is day-to-day business has not been an easy journey for Rashmi Group, a renowned name for manufacturing cement and steel. It is truly praiseworthy the way the Group has been advancing with all its projects. With that success has also been the constant companion in all its ventures. But rivals in the competitive business market have left path rockier for Rashmi Group. Though tacked many challenges in the past, now Rashmi Group has been embroiled in an unnecessary controversy fabricated by its rivals to tarnish its reputation.

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A Seminar On Opportunities In Leather Trade And Industry

By Swarit Chatterjee, published on Apr 17, 2015

The leather industry in India has grown by leaps and bounds. ILead is a premier media and management institute that has played a major role in providing high quality professional education to people all over the country at very reasonable costs.

It is with this background in mind that ILead had organized a seminar on the 4th of April so that students from all over the city would get a chance to explore the hidden virtues of leather. The seminar urged students to join this industry as it has very bright prospects and this will help them in getting a better deal.

The Hidden Virtues... (more)


Klassy 200 HD : Expanding Possibilities

By Swarit Chatterjee, published on Apr 4, 2015

Reach Mobile has recently launched the Klassy 200 HD smart phone that promises to give a novel experience to the users. This phone has a number of features that enable you to get the best user experience by providing the best tools available.

The HD experience cannot be underestimated in today’s modern world. It enables you to experience a visual delight and is now available at affordable prices that enable people from all walks of life to make the best use of this useful innovation.

A Phone With Superior Features:

The Klassy 200 HD is equipped with an awesome screen that... (more)

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Heritage Business School Organizes SAARC Conclave On Cultural Cooperation

By Swarit Chatterjee, published on Mar 10, 2015

Heritage Business School is one of the topmost B-Schools in the country. Recently, they organized a conclave on 24th February, 2015 on Education and Cultural Cooperation among SAARC countries.

This eclectic function was presided over by a host of dignitaries along the globe and this included a consul from Belarus as well. The aim of the function was to provide the students with the knowhow of conducting business across a cross cultural domain and this enabled them to gain a high level of knowledge and insight that will help them in their future roles as businessmen and women.

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Top Business School In Kolkata BIBS Organizes Ultimate Startup Plan Contest

By Swarit Chatterjee, published on Feb 17, 2015

The foremost management institution has added another feather to its cap. BIBS has come up with a unique USP or Ultimate Startup Plan competition. Here different business plans are going to be showcases among the students and the judges will then select the best one among them. The business plan plays a unique role in helping a business get started and this will help the students to think in innovative ways so that they can reach for the sky. This unique competition helps give the students the required edge that makes them better leaders and managers.

Management Education Builds Entrepreneurs:

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