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The Four Biggest Mistakes Even Self-Made Millionaires Make

By SusanM, published on Sep 28, 2016

For most entrepreneurs, the name of the game is positivity.

Rather than focusing on the negatives and “what-ifs,” we focus on how we can grow our businesses, envision our success and ultimately become the best versions of ourselves that we possibly can.

But what happens when reality rears its ugly head?

Here's the thing: even the most successful entrepreneurs, self-made millionaires, have the potential to squander their wealth. When we think of big-shots going broke, it's usually due to excessive spending: cars, clothes, mansions and vacations.

However, sometimes... (more)

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Tips For Finding Affordable Rental Housing in Expensive Mark

By SusanM, published on Aug 20, 2016

You’ve more than likely heard a lot about the rising cost of real estate and rents across the world. It’s not just one country where these costs are soaring sky high. Buyers and renters internationally are facing a financial squeeze that’s leading many policy makers to voice their concerns and call for moves to make housing more affordable.

While affordable housing might be a buzz word in the main metropolitan areas around the world, there doesn’t seem to be much happening in the way of actual implementation to make it more accessible for buyers, and in particular, renters to find a... (more)

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How to Choose a Profitable Niche for Your Affiliate Blog

By SusanM, published on Jul 11, 2016

The concept of making money through blogging has been the source of scorn for many marketers in recent years. As users have become increasingly savvy to advertising, phishing scams and untrustworthy links, long gone are the days are slapping content on a site paired with AdSense and hoping for the best.

However, the recent resurgence of affiliate marketing is bringing old bloggers out of the woodwork and new blood into the blogosphere. While the days of keyword-stuffed, spammy sites are dying, the abundance of bloggers making passive income with niche and review sites coupled with Amazon... (more)

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