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What will it feel like to live your ideal life?

By Susan Langridge, published on Feb 1, 2012

My dream life (the ultimate nirvana for me) features living by the sea and working exclusively for myself.

When we decide what we'd like in life - are we thinking about having that thing or being that person or living in that house or are we imagining what it'll feeeeel like to have, be or live like that?!!!

To reach my goals, I've learnt I need to point myself in the right direction first so by concentrating on how it will feel to have achieved this state, I'm beginning to attract events, people etc into my life which will bring this about.

What I'm really interested... (more)


Visualisation or goal setting - which is best?

By Susan Langridge, published on Jan 31, 2012

If you accept the unwritten universal rule that 'like attracts like' then you'll have no problem in accepting that we all vibrate as energy or matter and that we have the power to attract what we want in life by vibrating at the same frequency.

This all might sound a bit strange but it's actually as simple as emitting vibes of pleasure. By thinking about what we'd feel like to run along the beach with a super slim body, receive that phone call offering us our ideal job, buy and wear that expensive piece of jewellery or designer outfit; or speak successfully in front of a huge room of... (more)


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