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VPS Server for Better Control on Web Application & Software

By Sunder Singh, published on Aug 30, 2017

Over the past several decades, VPS hosting has become extremely popular among users’. The reason for this is the high performance and functionality that provide a great boost to websites. Apart from this, there are other reasons why the online business would choose to host their website on a VPS server. With the availability of so many host providers you can easily get VPS hosting account from the online space, but never forget to analyze its specifications and features. Here are some reasons why VPS hosting is a popular option among web users.

More Control on Server Configurations... (more)

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So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur? Think Again

By Sunder Singh, published on Jun 19, 2017

Well, it is good to have ambitions but there is also no shame in working for others as an employee.

Some people are good at a 9-to-5 job. If everybody becomes entrepreneurs then who will be doing all the jobs? Entrepreneurship is a glamorous from the outside but it is super-difficult when you actually face-off the reality.

Yes, entrepreneurs on the Internet posts photos and videos of working from the beach in shorts, but they have put strenuous efforts to reach there.

If you are also the one who is stuck between choosing a job and business then you need to figure... (more)


How to find the Best Drug Rehab Center

By Sunder Singh, published on Jun 18, 2017

It's not easy to find drug rehab centers that do what they promise to do. Don't believe when you get a guarantee because there is no facility available which can guarantee to recover your loved ones from. All you can do is, find a best drug rehab center with good treatment. However, you can consider these tips for finding a reliable drug rehab center. Here are the few ways which can help you in finding the best drug rehab center.

Get in touch with members of recovery community

Recovery community will have trustworthy and reliable information about most of the good drug rehab centers.... (more)

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Best Travel Club for your Vacation

By Sunder Singh, published on Apr 17, 2017

You cannot match the fun and excitement of visiting new places with your family or friends. The challenge with most people, however, is that of funds needed to afford such a trip. Recent years have seen a tremendous rise of traveling clubs that provide services to their customers to plan their trips in a better way. Finding the Best Travel Club could prove to be extremely beneficial regarding the charges and the amenities provided during your stay.

When you plan a trip you need to take care of various aspects, some which are listed below:

Accommodation for all travelers Itinerary... (more)

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Utilize Facebook for Smarter Advertisement

By Sunder Singh, published on Apr 11, 2017

This means nearly 3.5 Billion people in one arena. This new virtual field is nothing but a potential marketplace for your business. Companies are exploiting social networking sites and apps which is the new medium of communication. TV advertisements are now of bygone era. Sites like Facebook have billions of users from different countries, regions, and languages. Penetrating such platforms will help your organization to make its name visible to people of different places and taste.

Unlike TV or print media advertising industry, the research on advertisements in social media is still... (more)


Technology: How it Affects Relationships in 2017

By Sunder Singh, published on Apr 3, 2017

You start up the day in a frenzied mode, probably pick up your smartphone to check for updates from the email, respond to chats from the social media platforms and also check up for some more interesting news feeds. Then comes the rest of the day and you are still on your smartphone connecting with people, tweeting, and doing some other things online.

All these would never have been possible without the advancement in technology.

Through technology, we can communicate and connect with relatives, friends and loved ones all scattered across the globe. However, as good as it sounds,... (more)

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2017’s Best Jeans Design Adds Screws On Your Fly

By Sunder Singh, published on Mar 31, 2017

How do you earn the Best Jeans Design Award of 2017? All it takes is a pair of stone washed jeans, metal tools and some creative inspiration from your local hardware store.

This award-winning denim is getting noticed for its literally screwed-up crotch, known as the Screwballer Jeans manufactured by Kingz Jeans for streetwear online store These futuristic blue jeans look like they’ve been customized for The Terminator with its industrial-style accents that put the ordinary blue jeans to shame. This superhuman fly is designed with screws and bolts in place of the traditional... (more)


The Best 5 Ukuleles That Every Beginner Should Have

By Sunder Singh, published on Mar 14, 2017

People of all age groups are increasingly becoming curious to learn how to play the Ukulele, mainly because it’s easy to learn and produces melodious sounds.

What Every Beginner Should Know Before Buying a Ukulele

As a beginner, it is important to know some basic things about the Ukulele. The most important thing to know about Ukuleles is their design, shape and size. The Ukulele is designed with 4 basic nylon strings and comes in 3 basic shapes; figure 8 (guitar), Boat paddle, and Pineapple shape. All the shapes feature 4 different sizes; Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Concert.... (more)


Things to know When Buying a 2 Carat Diamond an Engagement

By Sunder Singh, published on Mar 10, 2017

Apart from the fact that the size of the diamond will attract attention, the rock also conveys elite status. In this article, I will provide a comprehensive guide on what to look for when buying a 2 carat diamond.

What to Look For When Buying a 2 Carat Stone

1. Choose a diamond with at least VS2 clarity. Diamonds cut into smaller sizes such as SI1 and SI2 are very clear, but the same does not apply to larger diamonds. If you want to avoid seeing dark spots in your diamond, then opt for a VS clarity or higher.

2. Make sure you get the right cut. The quality of a diamond is the... (more)


Why is Online Streaming Better Than Traditional Cable TV

By Sunder Singh, published on Mar 5, 2017

It has gained so much popularity that terms like "Netflix and chill" has become a common term for spending your free time with online streaming. If you ask experts like us, we would say there are multiple reasons for the same and we would like to explain at least some of them for you.

How to save money using Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime or HULU as compared to cable TV?

The biggest impact the online streaming platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime or HULU has made is in the market where cable TV operators used to charge huge bills for providing channels, most of which are those... (more)

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