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Travel Adventures in Psycho-Photography

By Steve Gillick, published on Jun 6, 2015

Picture This.

Cameras and videos are empowerment tools. We think of them as our personal means of capturing moments in time to remember, savour, re-live and memorialize.

But the very art of clicking the button, that releases the shutter, that records the image, that releases the endorphins, that results in your slide presentation, is a subliminal statement of power.“I can capture this moment”.“I can control time by re-living the moment”.“I can exercise control over things that were once relegated to the gods”.

And so it goes with travel.We often discuss social media in... (more)

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Culinary Bliss

By Steve Gillick, published on Sep 4, 2013

Popular dictionary definitions of ‘bliss’ include words such as happiness, joy and contentment. We know that travellers with specific interests (niches) enjoy a kind of personal bliss when they have an opportunity to engage in their passion, whether it’s bird watching, shopping, climbing a mountain or lazing on a white sand beach.Culinary Bliss has its own special connotation

‘Culinary’ refers to food and drink.The presence in our daily lives of Food TV, cooking shows, celebrity chefs and restaurant reviews has enhanced the awareness of local and international cuisine, so much so that... (more)


Travel Like you mean it!

By Steve Gillick, published on Apr 17, 2013

Most of us are familiar with the command to “do as I say, not as I do”, that is oftentimes the refuge for people in authority (parents, government leaders, bosses etc) who engage in questionable behaviour or practices, while at the same time demanding a different standard from their peers and underlings. And there is also the personal application to this ‘rule’, best illustrated in the classic scenario where a retail manager sees one of his salesmen arrive at work with a dour, sour, glum-faced expression. The salesman maintains this ‘stay-away-from-me’ look on his face throughout... (more)

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Six Hearts and Counting: Food, Travel and ... Fairuz

By Steve Gillick, published on Mar 8, 2013

A friend mentioned a Middle Eastern grocery store that sells fresh baba ghanoush, olives, pita and hummus. Having spent some time in the Middle East, I was curious and as soon as I entered the store I was transformed back to my journeys in Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Tunisia and Turkey. The unique smells of the food and pastries wended their way through my mind and vivid flashbacks of exploring each of those countries popped into my brain like flashbulbs and stirred up my endorphins to no end! But the crowning moment in this journey of the senses came when I was chatting with one of the staff... (more)

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From Here to Timbuktu: Why we should care about Mali

By Steve Gillick, published on Feb 25, 2013

...Is the rumour of Timbuctoo/ A dream as frail as those of ancient time?

Shortly after Tennyson wrote the poem, Timbuctoo, the western world started to search for the illusive, hidden and mystical destination. Now we use the name of the city, alternately spelled as Timbuktu, Timbuctoo, Tombouctou, as a euphemism for the last place on earth one could possible travel; hence the expression “from here to Timbuktu”. In fact there are several theories about the origin of the city name, but one of the most popular seems to relate to the Berber word ‘tim’, meaning ‘In the place of’ and ‘bouctou’,... (more)


Son of Scam: Travel Scams We Know and Love, Part Two

By Steve Gillick, published on Feb 1, 2013

You are in a ceramics store in a tourist town. There are only a few people looking at the expensive, intricately coloured glass vases. Despite the signs warning customers not to touch the displays for fear of breakage, one woman is picking up all the vases, looking at the maker’s marks on the bottom of each one, twirling them around to check for uniformity of colour and design and then replacing them on the shelf. The storekeeper does not seem to take an interest.

Just then two local women enter the shop and greet the store owner. They are speaking in the local dialect. They slowly... (more)

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The Spirits are Alive: Travels in Okinawa

By Steve Gillick, published on Jan 18, 2013

Spirits can be found everywhere in Okinawa, the Island prefecture just west of Kyushu, Japan. Some take the form of protective guardians, while others are 86 Proof and add to the unique flavours of the destination. Okinawa consists of a series of islands, sometimes referred to as the Ryukyus (The Ryukyu Kingdom occupied the island chain before being overtaken by a Samurai Lord in the 17th century, and then ultimately annexed to Japan in 1879). Mainland Okinawa consists of the capital city of Naha, as well as beach resorts, cultural villages, one of the largest... (more)


Travel Scams We Know and Love

By Steve Gillick, published on Jan 11, 2013

Last weekend I finally got around to cleaning out my file cabinet and in the process, found all sorts of hidden treasures. There was the report of my ‘arrest’ for vagrancy in 1969 when the Town of Midland police department agreed to let my friends and I sleep in the jail overnight so we would not have to spend money on a hotel. The officer signed his title as “Occifer” to ensure that the document remained ‘unofficial’.

Then there was my Air Canada “Flight to the Moon” certificate issued after the Moon landing in 1969, when the airline perhaps jumped the gun a bit with enthusiasm by... (more)

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Nowhere but Niigata: A taste provoking journey of discovery

By Steve Gillick, published on Dec 23, 2012

Part One: Sake and the Spirit of Niigata

The choice was difficult.

We could spend our last five days in Tokyo, a city that we had visited many times before where our favourite haunts beckoned us: the observation level of the Metropolitan Building to see Mt. Fuji, shopping for books at Kinokunya in Shinjuku, or at Disc Union for used CD’s, or for clothes at Muji and Uniqlo and then over to Tokyu Hands department store to shop for just about anything you can image.

But this was too easy as it pandered to our comfort level. I’ve surmised that too many travellers fall into... (more)


Don't Dismiss the Bliss of Travel

By Steve Gillick, published on Dec 4, 2012

Supreme, or perfect happiness. Utter Joy. Contentment. These are the popular dictionary definitions of ‘bliss”. And there is nothing profound in saying that bliss is in the heart and soul of the beholder.I have alluded in past articles to the fact that I ‘bliss out’ when I find masks during the course of my travels. But that is not all! Here be it told that I am also a bibliophile—a lover of books and bookstores and I will usually spend some time perusing the shelves in whichever city I happen to be visiting. There are the legends, of course. In my search for bliss, no visit... (more)

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