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Worst Money Mistakes that People Make

By Steve Benedict, published on Jun 4, 2014

Some of them are unavoidable, but a lot of them could be avoided by a little bit of forward thinking and better planning. If you’re worried about how you’re managing your finances and you want to watch out for some of the worst mistakes you can make, here is some good advice!


Overspending is probably one of the most common financial blunders that people make in every day life. Whether it’s going to the pub and buying too many drinks, buying more clothes than you anticipated on a Saturday afternoon or buying more books in the book store than you can really afford,... (more)

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How to Manage Your Finances Effectively

By Steve Benedict, published on Mar 7, 2014

1. Have a budget

One of the big problems that people have with their money is the lack of a decent budget. Having a budget isn't a big task that requires hours of work, especially if it's just your personal finances. Your budget can simply be a rough estimate of how much you hope to spend within a month. You might choose to start each month by creating a budget for that one month; however, you might want to plan ahead and create a budget for the entire year. Businesses usually plan much further ahead, and some will even have budgets for the next five or so years since this can help greatly... (more)


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