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Getting to know About the Ballistic Shields

By Stanley Thomas, published on Jan 30, 2017

In the 21st century, safety and security has become a matter of major concern. Gone are the days, when each one of us would depend on a third person to come and protect us during times of crisis. Today, it is all about self protection. When we talk about managing difficult situations and coming out unhurt, the first item that is likely to strike each one of our minds is nothing but a ballistic shield.

One common form of attack these days is to fire a number of shots at one’s target. In order to prevent the bullet from causing any form of injury, one needs to start making use of a ballistic... (more)


5 Standard Features of the Custom Cable Assembly

By Stanley Thomas, published on Jan 5, 2017

Be it a complex multi-termination assembly or simple point-to-point assemblies, industries now rely on custom cable assemblies for a wide range of applications. Assembly manufacturers now offer innovative solutions to cater to the specific needs of the companies. Right from oil and gas, automotive, aeronautics, to manufacturing, custom assemblies are now used by a wide range of industries.

Apart from being customized as per the application, these assemblies come with several additional features too. While the assemblies can have multiple additional features as per the requirement, five... (more)

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Tips To Follow While Shooting Interiors of a Place

By Stanley Thomas, published on Dec 9, 2016

Before you start taking some beautiful pictures of any kind of interior, take a second and decide what impression you’d like to give your viewers. Do you want to give them a warm welcome by shooting your office’s entrance? Or maybe your impressive space calls for a panoramic point of view? Once you’ve figured out what impression you’re looking to make, you’ll have an easier time deciding where to physically place your camera in order to achieve your goal. Now, follow the rest of these tips before you go on to shoot interior design photos in San Antonio:

Use Correct Lighting

While... (more)

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All You Need to Know About Soda Blasting Cabinets

By Stanley Thomas, published on Dec 3, 2016

Soda blasting technique is utilized by many organizations and it has also been used in the restoration process of the “Statue of Liberty”. It was done with soda blasting because the statue of liberty consists of very delicate copper skin, which can be harmed easily by abrasive blasting or using sand.

These processes require a soda blast cabinet which holds all the blasting material into it. It is also required to remove fungus deposits, dirt, and contaminations. The soda blasting uses Eco-friendly and less dangerous materials for blasting on surfaces, but it is equally strong as compared... (more)


7 Things Nobody Told You About MSDS Glycol Ether

By Stanley Thomas, published on Dec 1, 2016

Glycol ethers are formed with more than around 30 solvents. All these glycol ethers have different properties and are also fit for different purposes and that depends whether they are created of ethylene or propylene. MSDS Glycol ethers are not just a large number of products they also have a huge number of properties, it can provide the following benefits–

1) Improve the wetting properties of every water based product, helping in its consistency.

2) It also imparts good long term stability of a particular product, increasing its shelf life.

3) It doesn’t require a huge... (more)


Portable Toilets for Events and Ooccasions

By Stanley Thomas, published on Nov 22, 2016

The portable toilets have existed before the beginning of indoor plumbing. These portable toilets are lightweight, efficient and have many more sanitary variations. They have a common facility for the elimination of human waste. But, now people prefer to use an indoor plumbing for transporting human waste from a receptacle to a sewer system. Indoor plumbing is done through a series of pipes and other plumbing apparatus. Before this indoor plumbing system, people often attended to their need of eliminating waste in an isolated stall that was located outside of living and working quarters.

... (more)


Should There be Separate Drug Rehab Centres for Women?

By Stanley Thomas, published on Nov 17, 2016

Drug rehab centers for women provide gender-specific therapy for women fighting alcohol and drug addiction, pain, and relationship issues. The number of women coming in, staying and finishing the therapy is far lesser than men. Thus, the key objective of women’s rehab treatment centers is to offer a secure and relaxing space where women can concentrate on the therapeutic process and recover soon.

Addiction treatment centers for women take care of special, dependence-related needs of women, making them feel comfortable as they overcome the trauma of addiction. At times, women who are... (more)

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Benefit of Using a Medical Telephone Answering Service

By Stanley Thomas, published on Nov 16, 2016

There can be effective solutions as handling a call properly; shows quality and care for your patients. You do not only have to be available in person but you must call back immediately. After all, could mean a life is dependent on your response. For this reason, having a medical answering service is more than a customer solution for you but a life savior, too!

Communication between a patient & doctor is everything!

You can finish your shift in peace knowing that someone will be dealing with calls during your absence. If you are just starting out, this first step is a must!

... (more)

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Promote Your Business With ATM Machines

By Stanley Thomas, published on Nov 16, 2016

Nowadays, a modern trend in trade has been ushered and this is known as ATM business. The main motto of it is to enhance traffic to your trade and to promote sales. However, with the huge ATM market in the globe, the US now has somewhere between 4 to 4.5 lakh ATMs throughout the universe. According to the present financial status, individuals are selecting automated banking for reliability and convenience. Hence, there are some mistakes about having an ATM (Automated Teller Machine). Nonetheless, you may think that these are time-saving to maintain or highly expensive. This machine actually... (more)

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5 Best Women-Only Drug Rehabs in the United States

By Stanley Thomas, published on Sep 20, 2016

They feel safer there and it also helps prevent all those traumatic memories which might make them aggressive all of a sudden. Though a co-ed rehab facility is equally good, some women feel more at ease while discussing their issues and less agitated in an all-women rehab. If you are looking for a quality drug recovery and rehabilitation center in the US, read this post to find the best options:

1) The River Source

Located in Arizona, The River Source offers treatment programs which have been designed keeping in mind the unique biological, psychological, social, and familial needs... (more)

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