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What are the Unique Needs of Women with Substance Use Disord

By Stanley Thomas, published on Nov 22, 2017

Studies have proven that women have unique needs that must be met when it comes to recovering from substance use disorders and addictions. When it comes to exploring effective addiction treatment for women Delray Beach healthcare professionals and practitioners have implemented the strategies learned through these types of strategies. What exactly are those unique needs that must be fulfilled?

Focus on the Social and Environmental Side

Most treatment plans and programs that try to help people overcome addictions are designed to focus on biological factors – especially if they... (more)

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American Ayurveda Education – An Ancient Science, Modernized

By Stanley Thomas, published on Jul 10, 2017

Focusing on whole-body healing and the balancing of energy, the art is an alternative medical practice and functions well as a complementary piece of overall treatment for various conditions. With these old-world beginnings, modern American students may wonder how Ayurveda applies to them and how it can be utilized in today’s healing.

There are many schools that are looking to answer that question. Though not as widely available as other types of medical study, there is a school of Ayurveda to meet nearly any prospective student’s need and within feasible traveling distance from... (more)

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Use of Custom Cable Assembly In Military And Aerospace

By Stanley Thomas, published on Jun 18, 2017

The Cable assemblies are used in Aerospace and military industry and services towards USB, Ethernet, fiber channel, Serial ATA, digital video interface and other purposes. The cables used include space cables, the fiber optic cable and the aerospace-grade cables. These cables should work well in lieu of the temperature changes, and should also be able to perform when exposed to the liquids, apart from withstanding pressure changes. As both aerospace and military function in the harsh terrains and areas, the cables should be able to serve their purpose in all conditions that may not be considered... (more)

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5 Great Reasons to Hire an Architectural Photographer

By Stanley Thomas, published on Jun 18, 2017

What is your ultimate aim while you invest in building a property? Whether to just keep as long term investment purpose or to sell it out in the best price more than the market price after building? The major aim of a real estate owner is to sell the property at a good price to the buyer. However, to sell the property, it is important to present it in an appealing way. From perfect interior lighting and angles to an exterior shot, everything is important. This can be only accomplished if hired a professional architectural photographer.

Architectural photographers are those who shoot... (more)


Call Forwarding Service and Its Benefits

By Stanley Thomas, published on Apr 29, 2017

Entrepreneurs find call forwarding services quite beneficial for their business. They happen to associate it with their telephone system to constantly remain in touch with their clients in their endeavor to upgrade the quality of customer service. For this reason, call forwarding service has become a popular feature in the modern communication system. Businesses can direct any incoming call to whatever number they desire – home phone, office phone or even voice mail. The biggest thing using this facility is that it never lets anyone miss out on any call in situations like no network, out of... (more)

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Comparison Between Human Hair Wigs and Synthetic Hair Wigs

By Stanley Thomas, published on Apr 19, 2017

The wigs are a great resource for those who wish to surface a celebrity look or are trying to be discreet. The world of fashion dazzles its audience by wearing stylish wigs. It gives a quick and practical essence to one's appearance.

There are cases where some people are afraid to try a new haircut assuming that they will regret it later. Thus, a wig provides an opportunity to try a new style without having to take extreme measures on the natural hair.

Some wig manufacturers use either a natural or a synthetic hair, but a hybrid is also known to exist. Before purchasing,... (more)


The Advantages of Using a Business Answering Service

By Stanley Thomas, published on Mar 23, 2017

The common problem faced by most small businesses is the unavailability of people who can handle phone calls. Most businesses that cannot afford receptionists have direct phone numbers for the potential clients to make enquiry calls. Many a times it happens that a potential client call is missed either because it was after working hours or because the person who was supposed to answer the call was already busy on another call.

Never miss a sales call again

A permanent solution to this common problem is to use business answering services. These services will ensure that you phone... (more)


Make Money by Installing a Used ATM Machines

By Stanley Thomas, published on Mar 16, 2017

How many times it has happened to you that you walked into a small store ATM, withdrew the money and while coming back your eyes fell on a product in the store which you eventually bought. You had no plans to buy the product but just because you happened to see it, you bought it. Such things must have happened not once, but multiple times in your life, right? If you are nodding your head and thinking that this is a problem of your shopaholic habit, you are mistaken.

Studies show that people who have access to ATM machines tend to spend 25% more than those who do not have access to ATMs.... (more)


Large Pillar Candles for Long Duration Enlightening

By Stanley Thomas, published on Mar 14, 2017

Candles are empowered enough to light up your surroundings in such a way that neither you would not want to leave the place anytime sooner nor you would want the candle to burn out. And, if you are from the lot who likes to stay in a quiet ambiance with candle flicker, you can rely on large pillar candles for this.

These candles are used for the decorating purpose and have a longer burning time as compared to the other candles. They come in different sizes, colors, and fragrances.


These candles come in three distinct types: textured, unscented, and smooth.

... (more)

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Is an Online Business Administration Doctorate Worth It?

By Stanley Thomas, published on Feb 28, 2017

But with education costs increasing and more students needing to fit their studies around work and family commitments, online courses are becoming an increasingly attractive option for those people. An online doctorate in business administration from California Baptist University takes as little as three years to complete and requires only one online class every eight weeks, ideal for those who can’t afford to take time out of their lives to attend college.

Why a Doctorate?

An MBA or even just a Bachelor’s degree is enough for most small business owners. Some successful entrepreneurs... (more)

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