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I Thought I Was Watching the News This Morning.......

By Soulglo, published on Jan 25, 2007

Every morning before work I switch on the news for a few minutes. I am fully aware that I should not expect to receive too much information pertinent to my life, but it seems that the industry is getting more and more ridiculous. Many mornings I have awoken to hear the latest news about Paris Hilton’s DUI or Lindsay’s rehab; Anna Nicole’s farcical behavior, the Olsen twins lack of body fat. Enough is enough my friends. Why are we not hearing more about our soldiers who are being killed and maimed, why aren’t we hearing about the ongoing genocide in the Sudan? Why aren’t we hearing... (more)

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BrooWaha Woo Hoo!

By Soulglo, published on Jan 25, 2007

I haven't been a Broowaha contributor for very long, but so far so good. I've been browsing the site today and I am very impressed with the quality of the articles and authors who contribute. Media outlets such as this are what make America great, not only do we have freedom of speech, we have forums like BrooWaha where people of all ages, ethnicities and political opinions can share their ideas and points-of view. It can be difficult for aspiring journalists such as myself to find places that are willing to publish what we have to say. Since we don't have mile-long resumes, we are often... (more)

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Have you been to Pasadena lately?

By Soulglo, published on Jan 24, 2007

If you haven't you might be quite surprised. As an alumni of San Diego State University, I spent the last couple of years visiting my fare city only once or twice every couple of months. Each time I crossed over into the city limits, I was quite surprised. This or that old staple (the United Artists theatre on Colorado, Goldsteins Bagel Bakery right across the street) had been replaced by this or that trendy outlet that most Pasadenians have no interest in patronizing (Tiffany's or another Starbucks). Look, I am not anti-progress, to the contrary, I know that there have been parts of Pasadena... (more)

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