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Cashless economy: electronic payments favor the theft

By Sophia Graham, published on Dec 6, 2018

History tends to repeat itself, and historians have lost count of how many societal evolutions served a purpose opposite to the one they were designed for. Since the end of the 20th century, transactions have increasingly departed the world of paper currency to migrate towards the electronic world. One of the main motives for the shift: secure payments. Half a century of hindsight shows that electronic payments haven’t made money safer but has in fact aggravated the problem.

Electronic payments on a long-term rise

Half the generations alive today across developed nations... (more)

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Caesar system, new world reference in artillery

By Sophia Graham, published on Jan 26, 2016

Even though there is one system for each task, getting it just right is in fact technologically very difficult, and requires subtle choices between many criteria (weight, motorization, fuel type, interoperability, maintainability, agility, speed, range, production cost, maintenance cost, and around a gazillion others). The French seem to have got it right, with their Caesar artillery system.

Here is how not to do it. The United States, at the end of the 1990s, decided to dig into its very deep pockets, and use the window of opportunity bestowed by its then-thriving economy to secure... (more)

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Why Does the Reda Report Remain ‘Totally Unacceptable’

By Sophia Graham, published on Jul 18, 2015

Reda Report has recently been adopted by the European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee (JURI) after voting on 550 amendments. Yet, the report is far from being accepted, according to many copyright professionals, artists and authors who see it as a threat for the future of creativity.

In December 2014, Julia Reda was appointed ‘rapporteur’ for the European Parliament’s first contribution to the upcoming copyright reform. Julia Reda comes from the German’s Pirate Party, which initially raised some questions. Many wonder why the European Commission’s President, Jean Claude Juncker,... (more)

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