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Rejuvenation Vacations

By Sole, published on Aug 7, 2007

So you've packed your bags and you're ready for your three week stint in some sunbathed city in Latin America. You take one last look at the luggage assembled by the door and go through a mental checklist before stepping out of your house and into the shuttle.

Passport? Check. Tickets? Check. Cell phone and charger? Check. iPod and charger? Check. Contact information for your surgeon? Uh:check? That'™s right. For a rapidly increasing number of Americans seeking cosmetic surgery and other procedures, buying a plane ticket is part of the cost of beauty.

The biggest motivating factor... (more)

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Oh Morrissey...

By Sole, published on Jul 16, 2007

Morrissey's concert on Saturday at Mizner Park Amphitheater was rather, well, disappointing. The little to no interaction between the fans and the musicians made for poor concert dynamic, and the effect was more reminiscent of watching a live DVD on a large screen than actually being at the show. From the get go it was obvious that the crowd had made its pilgrimage to the open air theater with a few key songs in mind. Surprisingly even when the silken voiced singer opened with a Smiths tune, it was not enough. When the insistent drumming of The Queen is Dead ended the appropriately depressing... (more)

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Salary Requirements and Other Occupational Hazards

By Sole, published on Jul 14, 2007

Just two days ago I had a traumatizing experience that I know I have to overcome. Quickly. My livelihood now depends on it. See, I knew changing careers would have its nightmare days when I’d begin to wonder how I’d feed my dog. Seeing freelancing as a great opportunity to finally stick to a strict diet is fine for me, but Nuala’s still a growing pup. What I did not expect was that I’d be playing a particularly virulent form of career dodge ball. I’d already been struck by the no clips/no opportunities bullet, and I’d overcome that rather stinging challenge by doing what is akin to... (more)


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