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4 Reasons to Invest in Custom Software Solutions

By Sohel Ather, published on Jun 18, 2017

You have the option to buy off-the-shelf software packages or go for a custom software tailor-made for your business. Picking up between these two could be a tough choice.

Let us help you with that.

There’s no denying that every business is unique. Cookie-cutter solutions of readymade business software is unlikely to meet all your specific needs. You will have very little control over software updates. You might even be forced to upgrade at the whim of developer or switch systems. In worst case the developer might discontinue to support the product.

On the other hand custom... (more)


Top 15 Pet Tracking Devices for Dogs and Cats

By Sohel Ather, published on Jan 25, 2017

Have you purchased your own skilled tracking dog or an adventurous cat, who like to roam? You can have a pet tracker that gives you complete peace of mind as you are aware of where your animal is at all time.

A pet tracking device is easy-to-use and it is either attached to your pet’s existing collar or comes with a special adjustable collar for your dog or cat. They are light in weight, so your pet doesn’t even realize it’s there.

During the daytime, if you are out and your pet is at home, you will instantly know if your pet has left the yard. And when you are walking at the... (more)

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How to Use Car Sales Websites to Sell Your Used Car

By Sohel Ather, published on Jul 15, 2016

Car sales websites have become more like playing tools. People often browse different sites to take a close look at different cars. Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. In Utah, people no longer need to knock various specialized auto sales dealers. A simple click on a website does the job. A person can reach thousands of buyers within a little time via the online advertisement. Forget about the states. You can even sell your car from one continent to another. Though it is better to keep the business within the local area, still people are selling cars all over the world.

... (more)

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Securing the Future of Driving by Tips

By Sohel Ather, published on Jun 29, 2016

It is especially true for those who are on the roads since it is the individuals on the road in particular who face dangers of accidents and severe injuries resulting in catastrophic personal losses, physically and financially. With the numerous laws and regulations governing the people driving and owning the cars, it is also a good idea to be completely aware of what the fallout can be of accidents, for the tangible and intangible assets that one possesses. Health and auto insurances go a long way in providing the securities and covers that are required in such cases.

Planning... (more)


Trailer Winterization Tips and Tricks

By Sohel Ather, published on Jun 15, 2016

Preparing well in advance for the winter season is prudent. Especially, the owner of a trailer, whether it is an open trailer or a closed cargo trailer, has to take some precautions and make preparations before storing it safely from extreme weather conditions. Here we are protecting it from deteriorating while it sits idle and has a very high resale value too. Winterizing a recreational trailer is more complicated as the complete water system has to be pumped out and dried. Winterizing an open boat trailer or a cargo trailer is very simple and effective. A well stored trailer can be delight... (more)

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Riverside CA Real Estate Things to Consider

By Sohel Ather, published on Feb 24, 2016

Buying a property from any real estate saves a lot of time and money. A real estate property can put us in a real state of joy once we own a beautiful house or any apartment. People from all over the globe keep looking for their ‘dream property’ from different real estates. It could be any Riverside CA real estate or any other dealers. Therefore, they are seen chasing many real estate agents at a same time. However, people can’t have a property overnight. It takes immense perseverance and determination to get the desired one. There are few things you should consider before going for any real... (more)

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