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The Whole of Us

By Sleepy Eyes , published on Nov 12, 2012

If I am the dancer,

You are my music.

If I am beautiful,

It is because you are my artist.

And if I am half of all that I can be,

It is because you are my whole.

sleepyeyes 2012


Tags: love, lonely, missing you

The creation of love

By Sleepy Eyes , published on Mar 1, 2012

Find me between all the notes,

And words placed to conceal me.

I am in the blanks,

The incomplete sentence.

I rest my head on the clean slate,

I am the white wall.

Mold me into some known shape,

Delicately paint on my canvas.

Turn it into something beautiful,

I ache to be touched.

To remember things I have no memory of,

No understanding of.

You will be the artist,

I will be your creation.

Sleepy Eyes



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