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Take your business to new cloud services

By Simon Kelly, published on Mar 18, 2015

Your IT can slow your business down or most of all create wasteful energy in productivity. So what is the answer? Managed cloud Services. See you IT lifted out of your business and create a minimalist IT environment. You might be used to IT downtime. Now Cloud will help reduce that burden and IT maintenance. Here’s how cloud can replace and improve your business costs and efficiency.

According to the news published on, it brings surprise to many that even the biggest of UK giants in business have problems when it comes to IT.

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Clocking in machines – A force behind your work force

By Simon Kelly, published on Mar 4, 2015

Clocking in machines make for just one way in which employers can manage their employee’s working hours. The humble mechanics of these machines date back hundreds of years and despite an advancement from purely mechanical to completely computerised, there isn’t all that many differences between the clocking in machines of today, as compared to the clocking machines of old.

Such longevity as a piece of essential work place equipment can be put down to various defining factors, and here we take a look at just 5 of the reasons why it seems that these machines have proven to be pretty indispensable.

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