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More astounding news from the European wilderness

By Simon, published on Dec 17, 2006

Holy crap! The most exciting piece of news since, like, a long time, has taken place in Belgium! That's right! The very same country this reporter wrote about some time ago is now in the throes of a heated debate on the sensitive subject of, get this, a hoax presented as genuine news. Viewers were made aware of this an astounding half-hour after the show began, and a half an hour is a very long time - especially when your attention span doesn't exceed that of the average goldfish or, in the worst cases, that of the average American. Before getting to the hoax itself, here's a brief description... (more)

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Belgium - The land of... of what, exactly?

By Simon, published on Oct 11, 2006

Truth be told, gentle reader, even the French know very little about Belgium, despite these two countries' immediate proximity: they are indeed right next to each other, which is a source of immense shame for the apparently, eternally "arrogant" French; and a mixed blessing for the Belgians.

Why a mixed blessing, might you ask? Well on the one hand, France has reasonably pleasant weather, delicious food and wine, beautiful landscapes, the Eiffel Tower and much more. On the other hand, however, France is cursed with the presence of the some of more conceited humans ever to have walked... (more)

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