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How and where to find security guard services in India?

By Shreya Vishnoi, published on May 10, 2017

It is the duty of the owners to ensure the safety of the people visiting these places. While some require a team of security professionals, places like residences may need only one person.

The security services in Delhi are popular for the dedication and the level of security provided by the professionals. There are a number of service providers who offer guard services across many cities in India. Hiring them is very easy as most of them have registered websites with details.

How to choose from the different categories

These are the following categories of guards... (more)

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A Step By Step Guide For Planning A Wedding In India

By Shreya Vishnoi, published on Oct 23, 2015

Indian weddings are synonymous with vibrancy, colors, scores of people, a number of chirpy, happy relatives, blissful bride to be and groom. Indian wedding celebrations go beyond the celebration of love between two people. Instead, it’s the celebration of our culture, marriage as an institution, the love and bond between families and the perfect opportunity to rekindle memories with long-lost relatives and friends. Even the most basic of Indian weddings are full of fun, enjoyment and an aura of festivity. Perhaps that’s the reason why planning an Indian wedding could actually be quite... (more)

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Where To Buy Personalised Sports Bottle Online?

By Shreya Vishnoi, published on Oct 21, 2015

Fitness and sports are new age definitions. People are nowadays conscious about their health. Youth is also getting attracted towards sports and taking it up as a challenging career. In all of this, one important thing is water or fluids. People working out in a fitness gym or sportsmen need to keep themselves hydrated every time. In such cases, it is important to carry a personalised sports bottle.

Need to Personalise a Sports Bottle

While carrying out a sporting activity, many people come together. Personalising the bottle gives a trendy and stylish look. Besides, it also helps... (more)

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Useful Gifts for All Occasions

By Shreya Vishnoi, published on Jun 16, 2015

Loved ones are important and so are the gifts that we choose for them for their birthdays, anniversaries or parties. Gifts speak tonnes about our feelings for the person. A well chosen gift can brighten anyone’s day and help form a permanent bond of love and support between two people. Gifts have been the age old way of conveying message of the heart. Hence, it is important to know what gift suits which occasion. Here are some of the options which are physical manifestations of your feelings-

1. Coffee Mug with Photograph

A great and trendy idea to manifest your thoughts and love... (more)

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Sustainable Energy Solutions - A Key to The Country's Economy

By Shreya Vishnoi, published on Jan 24, 2015

According to the National Bureau of Asian Research, “India is the world’s fourth-largest energy consumer and will likely overtake China in the next decade as the primary source of growth in global energy demand.” The prediction is invariably an exhilarating one with regard to the economic future; however, many steps need to be taken before such expectations can be realized.

Despite the inevitable challenges that obstruct the path to transition towards greater sustainable energy solutions, the goal is not an unachievable one as there are opportunities that present themselves... (more)

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