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Mr. Adams & The Oldsmobile

By Show Time, published on Dec 31, 2008

The Olds was coral and white, spotless and it sparkled like an enormous diamond. It was the sharpest ride in town and as if by magic, everything around it sparkled too!

As a boy growing up in Marietta, Georgia, my mom and I would frequently walk the mile into town on a Saturday morning. During those years, the square in Marietta was old town south. On one corner stood the pre-civil war courthouse with its faithful flock of pigeons. Dodging frequent streams of tobacco spit, they gathered daily to be regaled with stories of yesteryear from the town's elderly gentlemen who made... (more)


The Music Killer

By Show Time, published on Dec 5, 2008

As I reviewed THE MUSIC KILLER, I knew that somewhere lurking in the shadows, Hitchcock, Serling and King were snickering at me as I peered up at the screen from beneath a theatre seat. Just you wait! The portrayal of The Music Killer by Justin Melick will have you crying for your mommy......

The Story Line....

According to Harlan Cross(The Killer), he didn't murder his wife, he simply corrected the mistake she had made. It seems that Mrs. Cross had committed sin with another man, a sin which had resulted in her being with child, a boy as it were. In his defense,... (more)

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Emergency Exit

By Show Time, published on Nov 6, 2008

Before you read this article, I should first warn you that it is a departure from the norm, or at least what mainstream society considers normal. It is my opinion and I have evidence to support it, that the concept of "normal" should be permanently banished. In fact I'll go one step further. The word itself should be removed from the dictionary. Why? Because there is no such thing as "normal" and there never has been. The word and concept of normal, was created by a few impossibly boring people who sought to distinguish themselves from you and I by declaring themselves to be "normal".... (more)


It Was A Very Dark Night....

By Show Time, published on Nov 5, 2008

The year was 1968. The boys in the band were returning to Pine City after a few days break in New York City. Their summer long tour was beginning to take its toll even on this six pack of hard rocking teens. They were sad yet a bit relieved that after this Friday & Saturday night at the Pine City Hullabaloo Club, they could head south again.

The band, LUKE'S CABBAGE STORE was from Warner Robins, Georgia a far cry from the bustle of New York and the other big cities they had visited this summer. Pine City on the other hand, was small town America, quaint and hospitable.... (more)

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Blues Heaven In Decatur

By Show Time, published on Sep 27, 2008

If you're a "blues junkie", you simply have to get a hit of this. GUITAR RED, Billy C. Wall, the real deal, real life blues legend, playing and singing his story in a heartfelt, sometimes foot stomping way that'll get you so hooked you will never again settle for anything but the authentic, bona-fide, tried and tested pure stuff.

Pure Blues is a hard thing to find these days. Oh sure, I know there's a whole herd of folks who bill themselves as blues artists and some of them are real solid pickers. But my point is simply this and while it is only my opinion, I just think it's... (more)


White Lightning & Gasoline!

By Show Time, published on May 14, 2008

When Robert Mitchum climbed behind the wheel of a 1950 Ford whiskey tanker to make the movie THUNDER ROAD, moonshine had already been a major mountain industry and for some, a family tradition for two centuries. Boys from the hills of Tennessee, the Carolinas and Georgia stampeded the back roads in "souped up" tanker cars, hauling their product to thirsty markets all over the South. Wild, hard driving delivery boys with a need for speed, they drove like they were being pursued by the devil himself. The way they saw it, they were. Revenuers were common but seldom successful opponents.... (more)

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August Rush & You...

By Show Time, published on Mar 24, 2008

This isn't a review of the movie AUGUST RUSH but there are elements in the film that are important to my story. First of all, the boy's grandfather put him up for adoption at birth. He lied to his daughter and told her that the baby had died. The boy's father didn't even know she was pregnant. The boy's mom thought he was dead and his father didn't know he even existed...Got it? Ok...but the boy insisted that they would eventually find him IF he followed "the music" that for him seemed to be everywhere. There's a lot more to the movie but for my purposes, the point is...AUGUST didn't give up... (more)

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With Butter...or Without...

By Show Time, published on Mar 22, 2008

Oh baby do I have GOOD NEWS for a lot of you! It's SHOWTIME in Georgia!!

Atlanta & Georgia, the FILM CAPITOL of the South! We are challenging the Hollywood Giant...and WINNING! For the artist, for the technical people, for everybody with talent and the DETERMINATION to be a part of the film and television industry, this is the best news you've heard in a long time. But it doesn't stop there.

The State of Georgia and Atlanta are always shooting off their mouths about bringing "New Industry" to Georgia. They expound loud & long about how we need to boost our economy!... (more)

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