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How to Get a Medallion Guarantee

By Sheharyar, published on Feb 17, 2017

The guarantee helps in successfully preventing and kind of unauthorized or fraudulent transfer of securities and allows you make a fair and trusted transaction of your stocks and securities. It can be rightly said that the Medallion Signature Guarantee is a proof of authenticity of the document’s signature and it also limits the transfer agent’s ability if in any case the signature is found to be fraudulent.

There are many people who possess securities in the form of physical certificates and when they want to sell or transfer these securities’ certificates, they need to need to sign... (more)


Proved! Virtual Doctor Visits Are Better Than In-Person Ones

By Sheharyar, published on Dec 19, 2016

who are too sick to leave home, who are always on the go and those who really hate the repetitive visits to the doctors’ offices. Online consultation is usually done through video call and conferencing and for that to have a comprehensive and detailed discussion you got to have a stable internet connection. One with an option for virtual doctors has a lot many benefits and reasons to utilize it for long as he/she can get lab test online, may save few bucks, save time and above all he/she has doctor all the time in their access. Let me now prove that online consultation is a better and more... (more)


How to Do Affordable SEO for Small Businesses/Startups?

By Sheharyar, published on Dec 13, 2016

The search engines facilitate visitors with their respective search terms and if you don’t have competitive or target keywords, never will your site rank in top search results. Without SEO of your business, you can just waste time and money. Here are we presenting some of the best and practical small business SEO hacks that can boost your site ranking and daily traffic in less than two months.

Stop Wishing, Start Doing

It’s never late to kick off your business and new strategies but when it comes to SEO of small businesses, you can’t wait for the right time but you got to make... (more)


The Most Convincing Reasons to Go for DNA Testing

By Sheharyar, published on Dec 6, 2016

The modern era sees its broad usage in a number of professions and most important of them all is criminal interrogations. Here we have listed some of the most convincing reasons to get your DNA testing.

Loss of Home and Real Estate

As we have mentioned that DNA testing comes handy in determining whether someone is the son or father of a particular individual. Nowadays the divorces have become rife and it becomes very painful for both, men and women. But despite this pain, there lies a big risk of losing your home and property. It often happens in case of an orphan child whose... (more)


5 ways to Measure Body Fat composition you didnt know before

By Sheharyar, published on Nov 10, 2016

And the overall amount is not the only concern; distribution of body fat matters as well. For few individuals, increased levels of fat of abdomin have been tied to higher risks of heart disease & cancer compared to fat distributed across remaining body. So, how do you exactly track body fat? If we do a quick Google search, it will reveal infinite of methods to measure body composition ranging from the quick & painless to the incredibly detailed. Such measurement techniques helps persons to set baseline values for the body composition & goals for later on down the line. But with... (more)


Top six interview questions recruiters should ask!

By Sheharyar, published on Apr 26, 2016

No doubt an age old hiring practice but it goes on; interview is the most crucial aspect especially for small businesses where all hires must be luminaries. Irrespective if you see yourself as a great judge of character, investing time and effort into the interview session and plotting questions before the candidate arrives is significant. Doing so would help you accurately measure potential to hire one against another lest there’s any shortfall.

Besides the usual and rather “dumb” questions such as tell me about yourself, focus on what you actually want from the session. Doing so would... (more)

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How to Lose Weights without Struggling So Hard

By Sheharyar, published on Mar 25, 2016

You don’t always have to struggle with hunger or strenuous exercise just to be able to shed off extra pounds. There are things that you can do to make the process easier, but it is not a walk in the park either. all I’m saying is that losing weight in enjoyable and fun ways is possible, don’t take it for a granted – you still need to be disciplined and determined to achieve success.

Have a Lifestyle Change

Instead of dieting, why not changing your lifestyle? You don’t have to start big; start small and progress from there. When people are dieting, they tend to lose weight only... (more)

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