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What's Next For the Writers' Strike

By Sheena B, published on Dec 17, 2007

The TV and film industry are in a state of mayhem with the writer’s strike still in full effect. The strike, which has been going strong since November 5, has put a surprising halt to many of TV’s top rated programming, late night talk shows, as well as some movie productions. The 12,000 members, who make up the Writer’s Guild of America, are resulting to picket lines and strike chants due to unpaid fees from residuals with DVD sales, and online based media. Before the strike, talks were exchanged between the WGA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers regarding new... (more)

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Five Shows Viewers Are Sleeping On

By Sheena B, published on Aug 23, 2007

With the new fall television season approaching; viewers are able to catch new episodes of their favorite shows or waiting in anticipation for shows that are being served in the new season. But what about the shows that are already on the air that people are not recognizing? There are a few programs that have grabbed my attention on the tube that I believe are worth watching. 5. MADE (MTV) With programming such as My Super Sweet Sixteen and The Real World clogging the airwaves, it’s refreshing to see MTV bring on a reality series that is uplifting and motivating. MADE is a show that takes... (more)

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The Battle of the Hip-Hop Heavyweights

By Sheena B, published on Aug 16, 2007

50 or Kanye: who will come out on top? That is the question that is surfacing the music world since both artists announced that they are dropping albums on the same day, September 11th.

What seems like a regular album release for two heavy hitters have become more of a clash to see who is the best MC by the most album sales. While Kanye just want his album to be a hip-hop classic among fans and critics alike, 50 Cent has made the whole release date more personal and vying for position in the rap game like a high school kid looking for popularity votes among his peers.

He gone... (more)

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What's Going On With Britney Spears?

By Sheena B, published on Aug 2, 2007

2007 has not been a good year for Britney Spears. From her incident with hair clippers to attacking photogs with an umbrella, to even jumping into an ocean wearing only her underwear, only give speculation to her bizarre behavior. To add more fuel to an already raging fire, Spears made a complete mockery of herself during an OK! Magazine photo shoot, by ruining thousands of dollars worth of clothing, going on extensive bathroom breaks, and putting her friends in charge of her makeup instead of the makeup team assigned for the shoot. After all the damage was done, the pop tart walked off the... (more)

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Music Piracy: Is Downloading Music Ethical?

By Sheena B, published on Jul 30, 2007

Before I give my reasons for downloading music illegally, I have to say that I'm kind of in limbo with this topic because I have downloaded music illegally, but I also know the effects of what happens to an artist when their music is downloaded without any royalties. So is downloading illegal music ethical? No,because when you are downloading music, it's taking away from the artist who spends countless hours recording the album and distributing it to their audience. Going back to the statement I made earlier, I have downloaded music illegally from Limewire, and trust me, I felt guilty doing... (more)

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The Debut of BET's 'We Got to Do Better!'

By Sheena B, published on Jul 26, 2007

BET's most conversational show to date, "We Got to Do Better," made its debut tonight, which to my surprise was actually entertaining. The show, which was originally titled "Hot Ghetto Mess," is based on the Web site by the same name that shows people expressing their own sense of style and individualism through home videos. Host Charlie Murphy makes random statements about the videos and after each segment acknowledges the fact that, "we got to do better." After watching the show, I have to say that it is very different from what critics declared it to be. The program was not overly offensive... (more)


The Saga Continues: Lohan's Says She's Innocent

By Sheena B, published on Jul 25, 2007

Lindsay Lohan professes her innocence today after being arrested early Tuesday morning for driving under the influence with a suspended license and drug procession. Lohan, who recently turned 21, was arrested in Santa Monica and released on bail. The actress claims that she was being chased by the mother of a former assistant that quit earlier that day. A small amount of cocaine was somehow found in Lohan's pockets during a pre-booking process. Even though Lohan states that the drugs were not her’s and she do not do drugs, why was they in her possession? Maybe they were planted. Who knows.... (more)

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Red Light Cameras: Accident Reductor or Money- Maker

By Sheena B, published on Jul 19, 2007

Red light cameras have been a series of debate since its debut in September of last year. The cameras, which are used in other states such as California, have been a constant headache city council and drivers because of the technical problems that went into the proposal. While the mayor and city officials felt that placing red light cameras in the most accident- prone areas in Houston is a life- saver, many drivers are feeling that the city are trying to find more ways to dwindle money of their checkbooks. The $75 dollar fine, which is mailed to the owner of the vehicle photographed, has generated... (more)

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Is BET's 'Hot Ghetto Mess' Offensive to African-Americans

By Sheena B, published on Jul 16, 2007

"Hot Ghetto Mess," a new series created by Black Entertainment Television, or BET, is receiving harsh criticism before the show even aired. The six- part series hosted by Charlie Murphy (Chappelle’s Show fame) is based on a Web site that show men and women, mainly from the African-American community, with styles that are picked up from hip-hop videos and shows. Home videos sent in by viewers and commentary from a network correspondent are also featured on the show that gives people a wake- up call on what some elements are doing to society and help find a way to improve on themselves as individuals... (more)

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Maroon 5's Latest Album "It Won't Be Soon Before Long"

By Sheena B, published on Jul 12, 2007

Maroon 5 recently released their much-anticipated album It Won't Be Soon Before Long. The group waited five years to distribute their sophomore compilation after their debut recording, Songs About Jane, reached multi-platinum status. So why the long wait for the band's second album? Mainly because the group did not want to go through a sophomore slump, like several artists have done in the past. Maroon 5 wanted to have the record just right to deliver to their fans. Their plan worked, because It Won't Be Soon Before Long is an arresting change from their debut album. The band has come a long... (more)

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