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Dear Gentleman Dressed In Full Camouflage At Wal-mart...

By Shawn Norris, published on Sep 18, 2008

Hi there Jimmy Joe or some variation on Bubba. Oh, excuse me, I couldn’t see the nametag on your shirt Jim Bob. I guess I didn’t expect someone so decked to the nines to be wearing a bowling shirt with his name on it, but more than likely it was because of the other several layers of military grade camouflage and Kevlar that were draped over it. I must say you certainly spooked me while I was meandering down the isle. All that camo and a bright orange hat really made you blend in amongst the beef jerky. Hey, is that a case of Old Milwaukee with your chum there? Man all dressed... (more)

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Lynne Spears' Book on Parenting Pulled from Publication

By Shawn Norris, published on Dec 20, 2007

It was reported today that the mother of Britney Spears, Lynne Spears has had her new book "Pop Culture Mom: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World" pulled from a future publication after her 16 year old daughter came out with the news that she was in fact pregnant. This on top of the news her older daughter Britney has missed numerous court appearances to help her retain custody of her two sons. Lynne Spears has no business giving advice to mothers when her own daughters have become two of the biggest train wrecks of pop culture humanity in the last decade. I mean, when your older... (more)

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Dog from "Air Bud" films in steroid scandal

By Shawn Norris, published on Dec 6, 2007

Beverly Hills, CA - I.M.D.B.’s plot analysis for the Disney Film Air Bud: Golden Receiver is as simple as the “Story of a golden retriever who can play football,” however today’s allegations could change that plotline forever. A new athlete was indicted today for the alleged use of Human Growth Hormone, as former Maine Senator and Disney Chairman George Mitchell added professional athlete and former employee Buddy the Dog AKA “Air Bud” to the growing list of athletes under investigation for using performance enhancing drugs to meet the ever evolving demand for bigger faster and stronger... (more)

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Trump, O'Reilly, Grace and Carlson get show on Fox News!

By Shawn Norris, published on Aug 10, 2007

Hell on Earth - Los Angeles Variety reports that Fox has green lit what many Hollywood insiders call “the most fantastic display of the degradation of western civilization and possible proof that humanity has bottomed out with this sycophantic spectacle of ego mongering and self promotion. “The Horsemen” will be round table of morally challenged personalities consisting of Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, Nancy Grace, Bill O’Reilly, Carrot Top and of course The Dark Lord Satan. Nancy Grace actually grew out her horns and had her hooves polished just for the chance to get into the... (more)

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1st Half Awards for the 2007 MLB Season

By Shawn Norris, published on Jun 20, 2007

As the 1st half of the baseball season winds down, it's time to give out some 1st half awards for the 2007 MLB Season. Now I am not saying that these players will win these awards or that all of them will continue to play at the level they are currently at, but at almost the halfway point in the MLB season it's time to look at the players who have really stood out. As Fred the Baker used to say "It's time to make the donuts..." Most Valuable Player American League Alex Rodriguez - While the White Sox Magglio Ordonez makes a strong case for MVP as well, you can't look past A-Rods staggering... (more)

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Someone Please Stop the Ride Pimping!!!

By Shawn Norris, published on Apr 18, 2007

So, I accidentally watched part of the show "Pimp My Ride" today on MTV. To be honest, I just do not get this show. I cannot stand watching normal cars mutated into miniature Best Buy stores with electronics that cost more than the actual car. Why not just fix them up nice and not drive someone's insurance premium into the stratosphere. MTV's reality department just seems to hemorrhage the "Balla" image these days with shows like "Cribs" and "Pimp My Ride." Honestly, no one driving around in an 86' Escort is really "ballin" or "pimpin" anything noteworthy. And they don't need the press, they're... (more)

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Tom Brady could possibly ruin your life

By Shawn Norris, published on Jan 19, 2007

The media has recently reported that Tom Brady has broken up with longtime girlfriend Bridget Moynahan. Yet, it seems like men everywhere are dwelling on the point of how hard it would be for anyone to ever date Bridget again because her last boyfriend was Brady. Well, let us think about this shall we. Tom Brady... A Multi-millionaire GQ model Future NFL Hall of Fame New England God with humility and a charm that makes even grandma blush. Oh yeah, he's also got 3 Super Bowl rings and all at the ripe old age of 28. Chances are that if you're a woman than Tom Brady is pretty much the perfect... (more)

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