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Are we being LIED to about Syria and Chemical Weapons Use?

By Shaun Gibson, published on Aug 26, 2013

A different spin on the Syrian issue just now, I will ask the Question, is Syrian being filled with Western supporters in terms of people with Guns, terrorists, with Western views? I think it is possible. In Libya I believe Western thinking people came in from the East and destabilized the entire country, Gaddafi went from being held head high through his country in support to being killed live on TV. I know friends from Libya and they said after Gaddafi died that is was the belief of many that Western controlled al Qaeda fighters, who were armed to the teeth by the West were to blame,... (more)

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Some of the most beautiful villages around the World

By Shaun Gibson, published on Aug 26, 2013

Popeye Village, is a group of rustic and ramshackle wooden buildings located at Anchor Bay in the north-west corner of the Mediterranean island of Malta.

Village on the bank of the Niger river, Mali.

Hidden mountain village in Southern China.

Mist over countryside in Southwest England.

Hobbiton village – “Lord of the Rings” movie location in New Zealand.

Riomaggiore is a village and comune in the province of La Spezia, situated in a small valley in the Liguria region of Italy.

Mountain Village, Iran.

Beautiful African sea side village.

Hallstatt,... (more)

Tags: amazing pictures of our world, beautiful african sea side village, beautiful villages in our world, gásadalur village faroe islands, hallstatt upper austria, hidden mountain

Fukushima operator pleads for international help

By Shaun Gibson, published on Aug 25, 2013

TEPCO, operator of the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, admits it needs overseas help to contain the radioactive fallout, after 18 months of trying to control it internally. It comes after the latest leak at the facility was deemed a “serious incident.”

"Many other countries outside of Japan have experienced decommissioning reactors, so we hope we can consult them more and utilize their experience,” TEPCO’s vice president, Zengo Aizawa, said at a news conference on Wednesday night.

"In that sense, we need support, not only from the Japanese government but from the international... (more)

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Diana's Death: Police Passed New Information

By Shaun Gibson, published on Aug 25, 2013

Scotland Yard is assessing new information on the death of Princess Diana to determine whether it is credible.


Princess Diana died in a car accident in Paris in 1997, I think ANYONE with a head on their shoulders knew she was killed. There was no way William, who will be King with Kate as his Queen was going to be allowed to have a Muslim as a step Dad. Mohamed Al-Fayed, who's son Dodi Al-Fayed died in the car crash also, and who owned the famous Harrods in London took this to court and he said all along it was murder. All I know here and hope here... (more)


Looking for reasoning to a complicated world

By Shaun Gibson, published on Aug 24, 2013


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More sinkholes appear, this time near Disney Land

By Shaun Gibson, published on Aug 23, 2013

Sinkhole Near Disney World Topples Building People staying in the Florida holiday resort apartments are evacuated as the block starts popping and cracking.

More sink holes, this time near Disney World, these things are starting to really pop up all over the world. I know what causes them, and if only a few had happened I would say no big deal. But this is happening time and time again. What is causing the Earth to loosen and cause all these holes? It is a Global issue this and one that just is not going away.

Emergency teams had arrived at the scene about 10 miles west of Disney World... (more)

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Area 51 Finally Acknowledged By US Government

By Shaun Gibson, published on Aug 16, 2013

It remains off-limits. Officially it has never existed, but the truth about Area 51 is finally out there.

For the first time ever, newly declassified CIA documents refer openly to the top secret parcel of land in central Nevada that has become the global focus of conspiracy theories, rumours of crashed UFOs, alien bodies and futuristic air force projects.

The acknowledgement comes in a US government history of the U2 spy plane programme, obtained by George Washington University's National Security Archive through a public records request.

It includes an unredacted map... (more)


The NSA: Snowden Told You “What”… Now Learn How and Why

By Shaun Gibson, published on Aug 11, 2013


Article from:

Since the name “Snowden” hit the collective perception and we were all clearly informed that the NSA is, in fact collecting data about us – specifically our digital communications – a great deal of debate has ensued arguing about whether or not there is a rational reason to believe that this is true. Further many people draw conclusions about what purpose wholesale domestic surveillance might serve.

I count myself among those seeking to understand this issue and answer... (more)

Tags: american dream is in a coma, can't deny american proof, current-events, edward snowdon, i love the usa, it’s only just beginning, land of the free home of the brave is an illusion

British Government In Racism Storm

By Shaun Gibson, published on Aug 9, 2013

The poster van carried the slogans: "In the UK illegally? Go home or face arrest." A second line on the advert claimed: "106 arrested in your area". It then encouraged illegal immigrants to text "home" to the number 78070.


The campaign attracted widespread criticism, including censure from the Business Secretary Vince Cable, who called it "stupid and offensive".

However, Downing Street insisted that it was working and that immigrants were volunteering to leave, although the Home Office did not provide figures.

The van travelled... (more)


Celtic tie Shakhter Karagandy for spot in Europe's top table

By Shaun Gibson, published on Aug 9, 2013

Scottish Champions and 16th best side in Europe from last season will take in 135th placed side in the European Club team rankings for a £30 Million pound participation in this seasons best club football tournament in the World. After beating Irish outfit Cliftonville and then Swedish side Elfsborg 1-0 over 2 games, Celtic go into this massive favourites, best price 12/1 against to lose

Celtic have been drawn to play Kazakh side Shakhter Karagandy in the Champions League play-off round.

The Kazakhstan Premier League winners defeated the Belarusians BATE Borisov 2-0 on... (more)

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