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Kindness Will Save the World

By Shari G, published on Oct 10, 2006

Who Is She? (Part 1) You know, I have asked myself that question it seems for my whole life. But the past few months more than ever. Especially being on this site (myspace) where people who know you make judgements, people who dont know you make judgements, and where you start making judgements about yourself based on what others start to believe about you. I was that person. I started on this site "looking" for a boyfriend.

That honestly was my goal of being on here. I didnt want to accept women as "friends", well because honestly, I had the few I wanted in my life, and really, I... (more)

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She Must Live in a Bubble

By Shari G, published on Jul 22, 2018

“How can you possibly be so happy all the time?” “You must be in denial.” “Do you live in a bubble?”

These are statements and questions I’ve heard most of my life. When did our society decide that being positive is unrealistic or one must be living in a bubble or living in denial? Why is it that we’ve accepted negativity as a realistic way of living? Perhaps some think it’s easier to expect the worst so they aren’t let down. Let me tell you something, though, about expecting the worst; you’re always going to find it. Even when beautiful things might be right in front of you, you... (more)

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