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By Shari G, published on Aug 19, 2009

making it through on top of her game!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009 It's funny, you never know when an Angel can appear. And I'm not talking about halos and wings and fluffy stuff, although that would be cool to see! I'm talking about regular ol' people who for no other reason that I cant explain, make an impact on your day.Yesterday, I was feeling kinda down about my present car situation, but mainly about having to cancel my vacation. After my last car experience, I had learned a really great lesson about just trusting in the universe and the bigger picture. Well, this time around,... (more)

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Who Says Your Job Defines You?

By Shari G, published on Jan 13, 2008

I'm getting ready to move and I have had this same awful bed for over 8 years now so I decided it was time for my back to get a break. It never really mattered before when I was a bit younger, I could sleep anywhere, but time is catching up and the once "pretty" bed doesnt mean anything now without the comfort. So yesterday was shopping day. I went over to Sears because in all honesty, my mother has a dept store card there and I somehow talked her into letting me use it. Now this Sears store is OLD. It honestly looks like it could've been the first Sears ever built. I was a bit hesitant... (more)

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One Hour to Live

By Shari G, published on Dec 8, 2007

I was just watching Oprah (of course) and she had on the widow of author Richard Carlson (Don't Sweat The Small Stuff...) who just published a book that he had written shortly before his unexpected death. It was actually a letter he had written her on their anniversary entitled, One hour to live, one hour to love. In it, he spoke about all the things he would do and say if he only had one hour to live. It just got me thinking about what and to whom I would speak to and it so puts in perspective all the silly things we worry about on a day to day basis that really wont matter at the end. What... (more)



By Shari G, published on Sep 10, 2007

So one of my friends asked me if I had a read a couple of books by a particular author and I hadn't but I decided to google them and see what he was talking about. Well, that just opened up another can of worms in my life for me to blog about and ponder on and ultimately confuse me more. :P Illusion… What if life is really that? What if my existence here is not even really happening and it's just a fantasy? If that was the case, would I want this fantasy to consist of stress and trials and sadness and worries or should it be the most exciting adventure filled with love and laughter and... (more)


Walking in Memphis

By Shari G, published on Apr 29, 2007

What a surprising life experience. I was sent to Memphis to help open up one of our new restaurant locations and help train the new staff. I am on my flight home and I just started thinking about this past month in Memphis and the only thoughts that came to my mind are the people. I was unaware myself of some of the still existing segregation or rather just the lasting effects it still has on some of the residents of this sweet town. There is still a lot of poverty and you can still see in their eyes, especially the older ones, the hardships they have experienced. One man used to come into this... (more)

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Where did we go?

By Shari G, published on Nov 25, 2006

When we were kids, our parents used to entrust us with our friends parents at sleepovers, with the neighbors when they needed to run some errands, and with our teachers, coaches and religious leaders when they would send us off to school or other activities. This has all since changed. We no longer deem adult/child relationships/friendships as appropriate. We somehow perceive them as unhealthy and morally wrong. When did developing and forming these relationships with children become an unacceptable thing? When we realized that their are people out there who do not have our children's best interest... (more)



By Shari G, published on Oct 28, 2006

Why is it that on Halloween, the one day of the year, that people act more like themselves than any other day? Perhaps it's because we are so used to wearing these invisible masks every day of the year, that when we are able to pretend to be someone else, our real self emerges. For whatever reason, a lot of people feel the need to hide themselves behind a false veneer of a smile, of anger, of non-compassion, of many different emotions that really mask their true feelings. But I guess for me, why Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, is because people truly allow themselves to just BE. They... (more)


If everyone could see what I see!

By Shari G, published on Oct 18, 2006

From whether it's on your news channel or at the water cooler at work or in drunken conversation at your local watering hole, the one thing that permeates out of people's mouths are the crappy (excuse my French although I could use some other words)condition our country is in along with just the evilness that goes on in this world. As I sit online reading email after email from complete strangers around the world, the one thing that stands out in my mind is what kindness and goodness are in this world. No one can convince me otherwise. Yes, there are awful things that happen on this planet, but... (more)


What can YOU do?

By Shari G, published on Oct 13, 2006

Okay, quick schpeal (sp?)~ So there are some of us who have this desire to want to help others but sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of money and time it would take to help others who are in need. Something simple, U2's Bono has begun a new campaign entitled "Red". Instead of just donating your money over to a charity or volunteering time in your busy life, he has designed a way for you to get something back in return. There is a line of products called "Red" which include t-shirts, cell phones, converse sneakers, etc. where if you purchase these products, half of the proceeds will... (more)

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By Shari G, published on Oct 10, 2006

Am I the only person who watches the news and gets sickened by watching someone put their hands around someones neck? How could anyone possibly think they have the right to put someone else's life in their own hands? Literally. Seeing anything that deals with death or harm to another really physically makes me ill. I am not trying to sound all peace loving or naive or whatever, but there is a physical reaction inside my body that just knows how wrong it is. Brothers and sisters. One family. One people. One life isnt more important than anothers. Okay, that's all I have to say about that. (more)


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