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Art Felt Beyond The Eyes Of The Creator

By Scorpion Sting, published on Apr 2, 2013

I have been talking alot with my friend at the club about her being a dancer. Amy has me very curious because she is totally deaf. Being deaf is all she has known since she explained to me that she was born deaf. We communicate mainly with ASL and writing things down, she always comments that I can just talk to her because she is a fine lip reader. Even so, I feel alot is lost in translation. Amy remains the most interesting person I talk with at the club. Due to her so called "disability" and my ASL knowledge our boss sees to it that she spends 90% of the night dancing on my bar (a stage... (more)

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Is being an alcoholic a disability?

By Scorpion Sting, published on Apr 1, 2013

Did y'all know that being an alcoholic is a "disability" which is both covered and protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act? Included in this post will be, but not limited to, information, links, and my opinions on this little factoid. When did being an alcoholic become a disability? When did being an alcoholic become a disease? I have news for y'all, being an alcoholic is neither a disability or disease. For example, one can quit drinking, but one can not quit having MS or CF. I found that reading at the Americans with Disabilities Act website that the definitions of terms are very... (more)

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Bigfoot, God, and Ghosts

By Scorpion Sting, published on Mar 28, 2013

Bigfoot, God, and Ghosts share one common factor that nobody can deny, they truly are, in all basics, just myths. I can hear it already, ringing in my ears, questioning me where I can get off making such a statement. So, I will give y'all my answer in advance this time and it is this, prove me wrong. I don't usually like bogging down my blog with my own personal opinion of God but I found myself having a particular conversation with a neighbor of mine this weekend. I will say, based on my own observations, that he is very self-immersed in being a devout believer in God. How do I know? Fair... (more)

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Diablo Scorpion Chili

By Scorpion Sting, published on Mar 27, 2013

I don’t know the exact Scoville heat factor for my chili. I know it’s freaking hot. This, ironically, is how the name Diablo Scorpion came about. It burns like hell going in and has a pretty wicked sting coming out as well. Why people like it is beyond me, but they do. I make chili year round, at least once a month, if not more because of the holidays. It’s my wife’s favorite dish that I make. She would eat it all the time if I would make it. These days, I have become smarter. I make roughly 3 gallons of chili at a time. She has a meal of it the first day, we keep out another meals worth in... (more)

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Behind the Scenes, Living in Misawa Japan

By Scorpion Sting, published on Mar 27, 2013

My earliest traveling after joining the United States Air Force was to Misawa AB Japan. Take a moment and locate that there on the northern tip of Japan. Misawa was nicknamed "The Tip Of The Spear" for some reason, probably due to extreme northern location. My wife (now ex) and I arrived here on 24 December 1989 at 8ish in the morning after a 15 hour flight. After some very quick processing at the terminal, we grabbed our bags, a taxi, and headed to billeting (dorms the military call transient rooms). The first thing we noticed was how freaking cold it was and the second thing how deserted... (more)

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By Scorpion Sting, published on Mar 25, 2013

Those of y'all who were regulars or even know me in real life already know that I find it quite sad that I have to be responsible for Other People's Children while I am at work. Having 3 children of my own of various ages and a young grand daughter I would like to say I have a little experience raising children. I see, in life in general, that many parents don't take the time to teach their children how to act in the real world or when they have a job. I know I cannot be the only person alive that has witnessed young adults in the workplace who need a babysitter to help them get through... (more)

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