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A Weekend With Sonia's Guides: $1600

By Savattra, published on May 12, 2007

Spend a weekend with Sonia Choquette's Guides (From online store) DOES THE FOLLOWING NOT STRIKE YOU AS SOMEONE NOT QUITE SANE???????????? REALLY .... THIS IS THE THOUGHT PROCESS OF MAYBE SOMEONE DELUSIONAL? IF YOU BUY THIS THEN YOU HAVE NO ONE TO BLAME BUT YOURSELF!!! Join Sonia for the first time ever as she makes her channeled guides available for personal questions and group discussion. During this intimate three day event you will meet Joachim, the primary spokesperson for the Emissaries of the Third Ray, Elophilia, the feminine guide from the Third Ray, Rose, who... (more)

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Christ & Choquette: What a Claim! Jews and Christians Beware

By Savattra, published on May 8, 2007

Sonia Choquette wrote in her autobiography "Diary of a Psychic" that Jesus Christ taught her to be psychic in a past life. In her book "Ask Your Guides" she claims several past lives in France plus one as an Essene. The Essenes were an ancient Jewish order 2000 years ago who were actively awaiting the promised Messiah from Moses. In the past few years as Choquette's popularity has increased with help from Hay House .... I have witnessed a number of fringe Jews AND Christians become immersed in her work because of these claims. Sonia draws them in because such statements seem to coincide with... (more)

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Spend 10K or more to become special with Sonia Choquette

By Savattra, published on May 7, 2007

While many believed I was a bible thumper this is not true and was the cause of some misinterpretations. So ... to bring some clarity to my writings let me rewrite my case in more secular language. My name is Katherina Alexandra Christensen. I am a lawyer and raised Catholic in Chicago where I was born. Right now I am employed as a policy analyst and lawyer for an international think tank in California. Sonia Choquette was my first spiritual teacher on the recommendation of fellow classmates in university. Her work overall is meant and designed to help people tune into a natural intuitive... (more)

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Psychic Sonia Choquette: Her Subtle Mind Manipulations?

By Savattra, published on Apr 15, 2007

Sonia Choquette claims she wants to lead the world into a six (sick) sensory age. Or does she? Is Choquette giving psychic readings to lead a person back to their divine soul purpose OR is she masquerading as a guide when all she wants is to be a guru? Nothing wrong with being guru ... but there is something to take notice on when being a guru means you are really just hooking peoples' minds for your financial benefit. Sylvia Browne is an obvious mental health warper but Sonia Choquette's capacity to deceive is just as potent if not more for she seems sweeter than dear Sylvia. Choquette claims... (more)

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Medical Intuitive Still True to Hippocratic Oath

By Savattra, published on Apr 5, 2007

The New Feminine Brain: Developing Your Intuitive Genius by Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz Using our own brain to make the mind our best friend Mona Lisa is a double doctor and still remains board-certified and licensed. This tells you alot about her integrity and credibility from the start. Female brains differ from woman to woman and the unique constructions are what Mona Lisa works with. This book really is about working with your own wisdom and harnesing your own brain power to access intuitive genious. No two people are the same. Intuition and the intellect are together a powerful suportive force.... (more)


The Circle and Welcome to Your Crisis by Laura Day

By Savattra, published on Apr 5, 2007

Laura Day is an intuitive healer and writer out of New York City whose work on "psychic phenomenon" is within the realm of safe and religious neutral for those having psi experiences. Laura Day has written two books that are worth noting: The Circle and Welcome to Your Crisis. Whether you are religious, spiritual, devout, or secular atheist these are tools that will NOT tamper with your spiritual foundation. Here are my reviews from my blog: The Circle: How the Power of a Single Wish Can Change Your Life by Laura Day Wishes Come True Because of YOU! One wish ... that is all you... (more)

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Kabbalah's Karen Berg: Her God Wears Lipstick

By Savattra, published on Apr 4, 2007

Kabbalah Leader Rabbi Berg's second wife Karen is a modern day Queen Herodotus. If she is versed in Judaism as she claims she knows what this means .... Herodotus was the adulterous wife who married her brother-in-law and called for the head of John the Baptist ... but that is another story... Jewish scholars cannot avoid knowing about the stories in the New Testament. This femme fatale is the second wife of Rabbi Phillip Berg (former insurance salesman Feivel Gruberger) who left his first wife and eight children for a divorced single mother of a son, 13 years younger and a coworker and co-conspirator... (more)

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Sonia Choquette's True Balance: An Imbalance???

By Savattra, published on Apr 4, 2007

Maybe the man who created should consider launching .... given the supposed Catholic Choquette's predilection for starting her own Six Sensory Reformation far more hedonistic than German theologian Martin Luther. She is bound for a cruise with John Holland who speaks to dead people... and for all her studies on religion at the University of Denver, Choquette never learned that Christian theology and doctrine forbids such associations. But then again, Sonia feels herself above the rules because she dropped out of Denver and the Sorbonne to get a fake... (more)

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Sylvia Browne and the Life of Christ: is Francine a FRAUD???

By Savattra, published on Apr 2, 2007

Sylvia Browne's main source for her take on Jesus is spirit guide Francine.... so is Francine a fraud too? Or just Sylvia??? The Mystical Life of Jesus: An Uncommon Perspective on the Life of Christ (the newest "spiritual" book by Browne) An FBI expert in the art of identifying counterfeit dollar bills said that during training all he was taught was what an authentic monetary note looked like. Once he knew the intricacies of the truth any lie was easily detected. Such is the same for the writings on anyone ... including Jesus. Consider the source: Sylvia Browne told the parents of a missing... (more)

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Doreen Virtue: Angel Therapy or a Fraud's Mental Illness?

By Savattra, published on Apr 1, 2007

The Angels of Light or Fantasies of a Fraud? There are a lot of dangerous products in the market right now and one seemingly deceptive writer is Doreen Virtue whose Ph.D. is from what might be considered a degree mill in California.

Virtue's claim to fame is that she is teaching the world how to work withing the angelic realm. Her trademark product is called Angel Therapy which is about working with one's angels to manifest what they want.

In the Holy Bible whenever someone was met with an angel their reaction was one of fear. Angels are messengers and they reveal themselves... (more)

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