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How to Make an Info graphic That Matters?

By Sarah Taylor, published on May 23, 2017

When we take a look at electronic media, and the world behind it, there comes massive sources linked with each other that are required to make any business successful or even to make them globalize around the world. In the current era, there is not a single business that does not have its root in social media or search engine optimization.

What is infographic & how does it work?

In the world of technology, the use of digital arts and designing is called infographic. This word is a concoction of two different words - Info & Graphics. Info is the use of data (content) that... (more)


5 Ways To Help Struggling Students To Improve Their Grades

By Sarah Taylor, published on Apr 26, 2017

Young students are the real asset of any society. This is why a lot of focus, both at the public and the private levels, is being made on improving the skill sets of every individual going to educational institutes. Every student entering an institute is different from the other. Some are brilliant while others aren’t totally able to catch up with the flow. Consequently, the latter lag behind the former.

There is plethora of ways using which teachers and the parents of the struggling students can come to the aid. The whole helping process starts with the step of identifying the problem.... (more)

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5 Ways of Less Testing & More Learning Time

By Sarah Taylor, published on Jan 9, 2017

This article highlights the various ways that schools and educators can reduce the number of tests administered to students and improve learning in schools. Until now, policy makers and curriculum developers are yet to discover the test-based incentives that can consistently generate positive results on achievement and enhancement of learning. As a result, standardized tests take too much time away from learning and prevent students from developing a love for learning and other well-rounded skills. In addition, tests reduce the time available for students to learn about art, music, and physical... (more)


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