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Do Students' Opinions of Their Teachers Matter?

By Sankar, published on Dec 19, 2016

What would your answer be if you come across such a question? How would you answer this question being a Parent, Teacher or a Student? If I was the one I would give answer as ‘Yes’. But of course, there are some NO’s too. So let us analyze them now

To start with let us look at the positive side .That is, why is it an YES .

Different Students have different needs

Different children even of a same house have different abilities and needs. Then how we can we say that different students in a class can understand when a teacher teaches in a particular method.

In... (more)


Useful Tips to Stay Healthy

By Sankar, published on Dec 13, 2016

Image share By Dr. Abdullah Naser

Your life is your priced possession but it does not only belong to you but also your dear ones who love and care for you. With the kind of schedules you have, it is understandable, that taking care of yourself can be difficult especially when you are juggling between your personal and professional life. So how do you stay healthy? Now, before we get there we need to understand what being healthy is? Being healthy is about adopting habits that are good for your body and mind.

Education on health and hygiene are essential and this article... (more)

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Selecting a tutor – does gender matter?

By Sankar, published on Nov 22, 2016

When we think of a tutor the first thing that comes to our mind is selecting the one who is smart and can keep our kid glued to the books for good. But, in today’s time things have changed. As parents we have become more alert to things that are happening around us – physical abuse and molestation has become a concern for both genders. There have been cases where young teen girls and boys have been touched inappropriately by their tutor.

The problem is most of the kids feel that it is them who is doing something wrong and are afraid of talking to their parents openly about the... (more)


Things to Consider While Setting up a Coaching Centre

By Sankar, published on Oct 17, 2016

Students’ coaching has come a long way from private tuitions arranged with the teachers who taught them in school to coaching centers targeted at a much larger number of students. Coaching centers started out with coaching classes for those who were going to take Board exams and have evolved into multipurpose organizations that not only prepare students for school exams but also take charge of further education by providing assistance for various entrance test including tests that help students get admissions abroad. The business is a lucrative one, considering how many parents are... (more)

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Best Ways to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

By Sankar, published on Aug 25, 2016

When Deborah was called to the front of the class to explain the answer to the question just asked, she was terrified. Even though she had prepared well the night before and could explain it better than anybody else, stage fright got the best of her. Her law class became an instant nightmare.

This continued for a few times, as if her professor had singled her out to be the sole sacrificial lamb. A few years and a few profile transitions later she realized how that has actually helped her. She has had professional stints as a lawyer, speaker and entrepreneur and now juggles job roles... (more)


Make a Career in Mobile Application Programming

By Sankar, published on Aug 16, 2016

Mobile phones are the most popular thing which has dominated the markets today. Almost every person to this date carries mobile phones with them. The levels of technology are ever increasing and people always want to be updated. Phones have now transformed into smartphones and the features have also got bigger and better. People can now do almost everything from a smartphone. From making calls to sending mails, from video calls to playing games your smartphone allows you to access all of it without a glitch. All of these advancements are possible through the development of mobile applications.... (more)


Encouraging Reading Habit in Children

By Sankar, published on Aug 8, 2016

Books are probably the best asset a person can own in his or her lifetime. However, not everyone can be avid readers or would be a book lover. The habit of reading books should be developed from a very young age. This habit is a wonder habit as it keeps growing with your child. Not all children are fond of books and inculcating this habit in kids can be a quite a daunting task. But to begin with, children’s books like tinkle comics, Enid Blyton’s stories and fairy tales can be a good start for the kids. Helping children in reading these books can go a long way in developing good habits, values... (more)


How STEM activities can help to grow a Budding Engineer

By Sankar, published on Aug 3, 2016

STEM seems to be a very scary thought for a number of students and although most people claim that it is boring and tough, if done in the right way then STEM can be very beneficial for budding engineering students in a number of ways. STEM helps to develop a number of skills that will help budding engineers shape their careers in the right way. It also helps them prepare for the course in a more streamlined manner. IF you are still considering whether or not you should choose STEM, here are a few facts that will help you decide.

Here are the benefits of pursuing a STEM education:

... (more)


5 Top Ways of Surveying the Progress of Students

By Sankar, published on Jul 25, 2016

In addition, every learner also possesses various levels of understanding and learning skills. An ideal teacher is capable of identifying the perspectives, learning styles and values of every student, thereby contributing to a healthier academic environment.

Obviously, as a teacher, you are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of every student. Having observed them closely, you must have also recognized the students who are more meritorious compared to the others. These students are known to surpass most of their peers in terms of academic performance. And naturally, there are... (more)


Basic Self Defense Techniques for Women

By Sankar, published on Jul 13, 2016

it is very essential for every woman to be able to protect herself even when she is alone. While not all women have special training in self defense, here are some handy tips that will make you more confident when you're out alone even after dark.

Be Aware Awareness is very important in order to keep yourself safe. There are a number of things you should pay attention to especially while traveling alone. Make sure you keep your eyes and ears open at all times. See if you find any person who is following you or looks suspicious. Do not let other peek into your phone and do not... (more)

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