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8 Ways to Keep Track of Your Progress as a Tutor

By Sankar, published on Mar 19, 2018

Teaching is a noble profession as you burn yourself to light others. Tutors are also teachers who teach privately or simply not from a school setting.

The job of a tutor is usually more difficult than that of a teacher, because teacher helps a class full of students, but tutors have to be specific. Teachers don’t take the obligation of preparing every child in the same way, but tutors have to give their best to help a child through their curriculums.

Following are some ways that can help you keep a check on your progress as a teacher:

Get the ‘back-to-school’ feeling... (more)

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Top 10 SSC Coaching Centers in Delhi

By Sankar, published on Feb 28, 2018

Staff Selection Commission is an organization under Government of India that recruits people to work in ministries and departments of Government of India. Every year SSC draws out applications for various positions that attracts a lot of candidatures. Every candidate goes through two rounds- Written test and personal interview in the selection procedure for a position in Government office.

In the time of increasing competition, the selection procedure is getting tougher. Coaching centers play a major role in preparing the aspirants for SSC positions. Delhi has become... (more)


Words that should Not Go into Emails

By Sankar, published on Jul 24, 2017

If you are not careful while writing the subject line and the body of the emails that you are sending to your important customers or official contacts, you might end up losing lot of clients. The mails you send will go directly to their spam filters and thus, they will never be able to check those.

Writing the subject line

Writing the subject line is the most important part of emailing today. What you should write depends on the person you are sending to and what you need to say. Whatever it is, the subject should be precise and short. Moreover, it should speak the meaning and... (more)


10 Great Apps for Teachers

By Sankar, published on Jun 17, 2017

When we were kids, and by kids I mean a decade ago, what we learned in school was considered the final word, or the gospel truth you can say. And knowledge was very limited. That was because of the need of the hour. It wasn’t necessary to know a lot of things. Even information like the news was subject to relevance and regional importance. The development and advancement of technology were at a steady pace. No new invention or life altering event happened in the course of many years. And people were absolutely fine with the way things were going. The world revolved slowly without a hassle.

... (more)


How About an App for Education Related Complaints

By Sankar, published on Jun 9, 2017

Thus, the schools or the institutions need an efficient system that can manage the systems in a better way. In order to make the processes easier and more effective some of the apps have been introduced. In these apps, the students and their parents can register their complaints. All these are available just with a few clicks of the mouse.

An app has been designed by the Forum for Fairness in Education (FFE), which is an NGO. They are working in the field of education from 1994. They have launched the Android application in the name of FFE India. They are of the view that this app will... (more)


Institutes Use Social Media as Information Sharing Platform

By Sankar, published on May 16, 2017

Instead of using social media as a sole marketing platform, many universities and institutes are using the superhuman power of social media to engage with their community directly.

By using social media as an information-sharing platform, many universities are actually reaching out to thousands of people who take special interest in reading the same off the internet.

In here I have discussed a few ways through which universities are cleverly using the social media to great effects. Take a peek.

1. Sharing and gathering information

Like I said before, this is the... (more)

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App for the Speech Impaired Developed By IIT-B Students

By Sankar, published on May 4, 2017

The app is known as Jellow Communicator and has several emoticons that help to make the communication better.

The idea of developing such an app originated in 2004 mainly for the children that were suffering from cerebral palsy. Children that are suffering from cerebral palsy have speech difficulties. This affects their ability to communicate. This blocks the learning among the people. It has a greater impact on the cognitive, social and motor development of the children.

How Was The App Initiated?

Initially, the device was made in the form of a hardware. So, the cost was... (more)

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Charging Devices without Wires Developed by Disney Scientist

By Sankar, published on Mar 30, 2017

Technology is rapidly advancing as can clearly be seen in modern laptops, tablets and mobile phones. However, the one thing that hasn’t quite managed to keep up with the change is the battery technology. No matter how sophisticated your smart phone is, you have to plug it into a power outlet at least once or twice a day.

While there have been a few instances of wireless charging, experts agree that there is still a lot of work to be done. The current ‘wireless’ chargers can only charge the device if it is in contact with the contact pad. Wireless charging is still very much in... (more)

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The benefits of Arts Education

By Sankar, published on Feb 22, 2017

Study of arts is not limited to only cultural, social and creative aspects. Its benefits in both education and academics sector are often undermined. In a recent study, it can be seen that most schools are either cutting back or completely eliminating the study of arts from their syllabus. They believe that it is an unimportant and unnecessary subject which only adds to the overall budget. Unfortunate as it may be schools and institutions do not realize the number of benefits of Arts Education.

Benefits of Arts Education

Improved Cognition

Immersing students into... (more)


Effective Ways to Study for the ICSE

By Sankar, published on Jan 9, 2017

The ICSE examination is the first board exam of the students where they are exposed to a greater competition. Therefore, unlike the previous school exams, the ICSE requires the students to study harder and smarter. As this is the first national assessment of your education qualityand foremost step towards attaining your goal in life; you must need to study efficiently. Because the scores you'll secure in this exam can play a very influential part in your future endeavors. Here are some of the most effective ways to study for the ICSE exam that will help you to score excellent marks.

... (more)

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