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"The Overnight" Brings New Yorkers Out of the Darkness

By S. Manfredi, published on Apr 1, 2007

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention has created a special event for New Yorkers touched by suicide, depression, and mood disorders: Out of the Darkness Overnight. The event was created to raise funds and awareness for suicide prevention, and for the treatment of mood disorders and depression. Each year, depression and suicide become a larger epidemic in our country, especially among teenagers. It is estimated that in 2007, one in every twelve teenagers will attempt suicide. The Center for Disease Control confirms that there is a suicide attempt made every minute of every day. One... (more)

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Maids and Madams" Raises Awareness at Brooklyn College

By S. Manfredi, published on Mar 4, 2007

The project, known as "Maids and Madams", will take place on March 6-8, and is open to the public. The goal of "Maids and Madams" is to raise public awareness about the politics, the economics and the repercussions of the current domestic workers' situation. Issues addressed will include immigration and domestic work, inadequate wages, and the degradation of domestic workers as a whole. The events planned for this week include panel discussions, film screenings, dramatic readings, and performances. For a full list of dates and events, visit Brooklyn College's "Maids and Madams" webpage at:... (more)

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Don't Throw Away Your Take-Out Menus Just Yet

By S. Manfredi, published on Feb 23, 2007

As disturbing footage of a rat infested Taco Bell hits the airwaves tonight, we are reminded that looks can be deceiving. The combined KFC and Taco Bell restaurant, located in the West Village, was closed early this morning after a pedestrian glanced in the window and saw dozens of rats roaming the floors and counters. If the Department of Health had not stepped in, the restaurant would have opened for business today. From this we can only infer that other restaurants with similar problems are open to customers every day. This disgusting news blurb is enough to make an avid restaurant goers... (more)

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The Deadly Nature of Celebrity

By S. Manfredi, published on Feb 22, 2007

It would seem that there is no longer such a thing as the "Hollywood ending". Unless of course, nervous breakdowns, rehab, suicides, and murders are what's to be aspired to. These days, to sit through Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood means exposing yourself to half an hour of dramas and tragedies, as well as the intimate moments of other people's lives. Most recent in the news is the death of model and actress Anna Nicole Smith, who gained notoriety by marrying a man fifty years her senior. Although Anna Nicole had given birth to a baby girl this year, an event that causes great joy... (more)

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Catcall Culture

By S. Manfredi, published on Feb 20, 2007

Ladies and gentlemen, its time to get something straight. "Whoo, baby!" is not a pick-up line. Hoots, hollers, whistles, horn honking, and obscene comments do not make me, or anyone else, swoon. Yet every day, without fail, I watch dozens of men and women employ these tactics in their quest for companionship. Perhaps its the size of New York City that makes us comfortable enough to verbally rate any given person. There is a certain anonymity that cloaks the random catcaller, and allows him to feel safe in his rude behavior. In a city that’s constantly on the move, the chances of a catcaller... (more)

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